stitches - best way to heal them

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by marshapiano, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. marshapiano

    marshapiano New Member

    Recovering from hand surgery and have lots of stitches, which are healing well. Any suggestions of what will help the healing process - topically?
  2. Jackiechelsey

    Jackiechelsey New Member

    When i had my surgery done the dr told me to get vitamin e capsules cut one open and put the gel on it and rub gently, i did that twice a day till i was healed and it helped me not to get a large scar. I hope that helps you.
  3. joyfully

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    Besides applying the vitamin E onto the stitches, also orally take the vitamin E too. That way you are approaching it topically and cellularly. I've had a lot of sutures on my old body over the years. Vitamin E is a must. The vitamin e also dissolves the dried blood so the dr. can take out the stitches easier.
  4. SPR30

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    Aloe is a wonderful, inexpensive natural healer too.
    I have several plants outside (would be happy to share). They are sooo easy to grow.
    You just pull a leaf off and rub the slimy but soothing gel on your skin. It can stain, so don't get it on clothing. It is safe to use as often as you like and can be ingested for tummy troubles, sore throats, or general is a bit bitter, but many health and beauty products contain it. Having been raised in the south I grew up on it. Had second degree burns once, was home alone. Put aloe on it and it healed beautifully! Good luck!
  5. marshapiano

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have used aloe on burns, but was not sure that it would help healing from stitches. As I live in the tropics, my yard is landscaped in aloe! You are right about the staining, but you forgot to mention it smells horrible!