Stomac pain what is it??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. lenasvn

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    I get this pain, usually more often in the winter when I flare, like flatulence but no gas. It is VERY painful and keeps me doubled over. It can go on for days, even weeks. I have already had colonoskopy in the past when I was painfree, and I had some diverticulitis. I have run tests for celiac and all that, but nothing.

    I forgot all abou this pain, haven't had it for a few months, but voila', it's back with a vengence. No gas aids or anything works, this is not gas apparently since nothing ever comes out. I feel relief when laying on my back.

    I am SOO not ready for another round of this where it comes and goes for all of fall, winter and spring! It makes me unable to do anything.

    Anyone suffered with this? Did you get diagnosed? What, if anything have worked to relieve the pain? It seem to trigger some spots where the pain radiates up to my collarbone and to my arm/s. Sometimes it presses in such a way that I can only breathe shallow, like a knife is stuck into my chest.

    In other words- HELP!!
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  2. johnston

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    I do have similar pain, but mine is gas. I attribute it to the irritable bowel syndrome that often accompanies fibromyalgia.....
    I also have a little defect in a thoracic vertebra that I attribute some of the chest pain (aching and knife sharp).
    However, you need to have an ekg done at the least. If you are female, women often have very different symptoms of a heart attack than a man. You need to be sure this is not cardiac pain.
    Now, I, too, was (and do) having that difficulty breathing---like I just couldn't take a deep breath. There again, I attributed that to the constipation phase of the IBS. Figure my full large intestine is pressing against my left lung.
    I have had a full cardiac work-up.
    Hope this helps, Rhonda
  3. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I've been thinking in that direction too, but I doubt my doc would bother as he hasn't bothered about any other issues I have had. I just spoke to my counselor about this and I am going to ask him to run all the tests I ask him for (EEG, neurocognitive, nerve conduction test, holter monitor, and an Igenex Lyme). If he don't, I'll tell him "it's not personal, but I have to move on to a physician that can help me".

    Thanks for your advice, I know women have weird symptoms (cardiac) like stomach pain,etc.

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