Stomach bloat w/ ulcers or gallbladder disease ?

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    Hmmm ... that's very interesting ulala. I've been thinking lots about "stealth pathogens," mycoplasms and bacterial infections as of late ... something to explain how all of these strange things fit together, and how so many of us can have so many problems but most tests show we're "normal."

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    our tests are normal. Maybe they're not testing for the right things.

    I started the Xifaxan which is for the Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth and my stomach bloating and gas are slowly getting better. They're also just starting to test to see if this bacteria causes memory loss. This bacteria can cause all sorts of problems, many of them are the symptoms that people with FM/CFS have.
  3. hi all,

    tandy,ive been having a bloated stomach,and its been while ive been taking allergy tablets.

    the side affects list says that it can happen too.

    anyway,i went out and bought some gaviscon cool,tablets.

    you put one or two tablets in your mouth,after food,and at bedtime.

    i had loads of gas come out of my body,and the pain in the chest area went away.

    a hospital specialist told me that acid reflux,and indigestion problems,can cause that chest pain,that feels like its from the heart.

    plus my recent toxic fume exposure at work had rawed my gullet.

    take care all,love fran
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    for wracking brains with me~

    it could be sooooo many things.

    as of late,... The pains are mild,almost gone at times.
    I was way worse when I wrote this post.
    But thats how it goes.
    I have no doubt the pain will be back in full force within a month.
    so its something that needs investigating.

    I have a Gastroentologist appoint. on July 1st.

    That bacteria theory sounds possible.
    maybe I'll look into the websites listed in that article for more info on that.

    Thanks so much for you help :)

    will look for those gas pills at walmart too.
  5. hi all,

    tandy,i do feel that we with the fibromyalgia have irritable bowel too.

    i did cut out alot of foodstuff,and i stopped eating foods that have artificial colours,preservatives and migraines went away when i did this.

    anyway im having a bit of work stress just now.

    my boss is shouting at me just because i told him that another worker is bringing chemicals from home,into work,and triggered off a chest condition in me.

    he isnt supporting my worries just now.

    but back to the bloated tummy.

    i did take the occasional gaviscon cool tablet,after food.

    this did get some wind out of me,and that chest pain eased.

    a doctor told me acid reflux can course the chest pain,sort of like heart burn.

    anyway,im not taking gaviscon just keeping them for if the problems come back again.

    what ive decided to do this past week is,buy another type of juice,that ill drink a glassfull of at 1pm,and 7pm.i still drink the cranberry juice morning and night.

    this juice is 100% pure pressed,white grape,raspberry and blackcurrent juice.its all together in one bottle.

    and while ive been drinking this juice,lots of gas is coming out of my body from both ends haha.and i feel great.

    another thing im trying daily is...marmite, yeast extract.

    its stated as being rich in B vitamins,and 100% vegetarian.

    id read a piece about a vet saying that she had put a tiny bit of marmite on a chickens beak.

    the chicken was crippled with arthritis,and it was her last ditch effort to try and help this bird,or the alternative was to put it to sleep.

    she said,in my newspaper,that after a while of the chicken eating the marmite,he,s now running around,and feeling sexy,chasing the female birds haha...bless him.

    so i thought id give marmite a go.

    but it tastes horrid.none the less im putting a bit on a spoon,eating it,then rinsing my mouth round with coffee.

    or putting marmite on my beefburger too.i have a burger occasionally.

    ive been doning it for three days now,just once a day.

    the contents of the marmite are..

    yeast extract,salt vegetable extract,niacin,thiamin,spice extracts (contains celery),riboflavin,folic acid,vitamin B12.

    all seems well with my guts just now,and all is well with my ill continue with the marmite.

    take care,love fran
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    Doctors don't like to check for low stomach acid because acid reflux means many more follow up appts and many more drug sales. Being low in stomach acid is classis for these diseases and will also cause stomach pain. You have to have enough acid to break down fats and proteins in the stomach. Low acid will cause pain and/or a feeling like heartburn just like acid reflux will. One way to tell is to have a salad with vinaigrette dressing. The acid in the vinegar will suffice as stomach acid for this purpose. If you experience no discomfort from the salad, it's likely you're low on stomach acid. If you have cfs or fibro, it's likely anyway.

    Another way to tell is to try taking betaine hcl with your meals containing fats or proteins like meats, eggs, fish or chicken. You will notice right away if you need it. Betaine hcl is a beet-derived form of the acid used by the stomach. I have to take three 700mg pills with my meals or I can't digest my food properly and my liver gets congested and makes me feel bad. You could start with one or two pills and see if that helps. At the worst, you don't need it, it will cause burning, and then you can just take some antacid pills like TUMS to stop the burning right away.

    I stared with 2 pills and then every other day I increased by one until I experienced discomfort and then I backed off. I'm up to 3 pills for most meals and 4 if it's a particularly big meal. You also have to have stomach acid to kill pathogens in the food and to absorb certain vitamins and minerals. These diseases are characterized by widespread nutrient deficiencies and low stomach acid is one of the direct causes of that.

    I would try this before I'd waste any more money on doctors. They don't treat things like this because they don't have any drugs for them and make much more money if they can find a drug for you. Betaine hcl is not a drug and can be bought in any health food store. Make sure you get betaine hcl and not just "betaine". Betaine, aka TMG or trimethylglycine, is an amino acid and will not help you break down fats and proteins. In fact, you can take it on an empty stomach and it's also quite helpful. It's a precursor for neurotrainsmitters and helps lower homocysteine levels. But for your stomach acid, you want betaine hcl.

    Gallbladder pain is quite distinct from stomach pain. The bile from the gallbladder works with the acid in the stomach on fats and proteins. You really need them both. We probably all have some gallstones and if you have your doctor looking for them, he may find them and want to remove it. You can get rid of stones without surgery and the gallbladder is vital for proper digestion and detoxification. You don't want to try to live through one of these diseases without it if you can help it.

    Also, eating lots of carbs will cause gas and bloating. Have you cleaned up your diet and do you eat lots of veggies?

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    and you take something to figure out if it is a lack of acid, you could trigger a gallbladder attack.

    I know everyone wants to be helpful but please be careful. I do not want to start anything but I don't want to see anyone go through unnecessary pain. It is only from personal experience that I speak. I can't site any statistics or explain how exactly the body works, I just know what I went through and wouldn't want anyone to take the chance of triggering that pain. Here is what I can say from experience-

    Gallbladder pain can be felt all over the abdomen, including the stomach. There are typical and non-typical symtpoms.

    yes, most people if tested would have gallstones, but only a portion of people have symptoms. Tests by Drs can determine if gallstones are your problem. Gallstones can be treated without surgery, but it depends on how severe the problem.

    I got my gallbladder out a month ago. I have had terrible stomach pains for years. I also had pain in my back, abdomen, shoulder blade and heartburn. Some of those are typical symptoms, some not typical. The reason I suffered for so many years is because of the non-typical symptoms, no one ever thought of gallstones.
    Since my gallbladder surgery I have not had any digestive problems and have begun to eat foods I couldn't eat for years. My digestion has not been affected in a negative way, your body finds a way to deal with it.

    Please do not put off seeing a Dr. It could be nothing but it could be something.
    From personal experience TUMS will not relieve the burning feeling in your stomach after ingesting something with too much acid IF you have gallbladder issues. In my case it was Orange juice!!! UUUUGGGHHH...

    With respect and sincerity,
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    back up for myself to respond later to the new replys~
    (sorry,.. no time right now)

  9. hi all,

    i thought id just update you on my stomach bloating issue.

    i had to stop taking piriton tablets for allergies,as they were making me have stomach issues,and drying up my nasal passages TOO made me too sleepy too.

    im now taking a one a day allergy tablet called loratadine 10mg.

    this tablet dosent cause drowsiness.and my skin itching on the arms has stopped,but the crawling feelings on my back are still with me sadly.

    ive started having one pot full of activia yogurt,daily.

    and im eating a few prunes morning and night.i bought these from a fresh fruit and vegetable shop.

    im still drinking my cranberry juice morning and night,and a one glass a day of purple grape juice,for healthy heart and blood vessels.

    i am able to get some wind out of my body now,while im at work.

    my bowels are starting to work better than they had during the past well happy about that let me tell you.

    i wonder if the fibro causes some sort of inflamation at times,then we get backed up with food and trapped wind.

    when the wind comes out,that indegestion pain,in the chest,eases greatly.

    on friday im stopping drinking cows milk.i think im ellergic to it.

    im going to try soya milk,or goats milk.not sure which one as yet,but soya might be the first to try.

    im still sticking to eating my usual things,only adding something new once a month.

    try and keep your bowels regular,as i believe the dizzyness eases when the bowels work ok.

    it seems im very sensitive to certain also sensitive to certain smells.

    i tried a new juice a few weeks ago.i cant remember its name but it made me have a migraine attack,with severe vomiting.i think the juice drink was very acidic.

    take care all,love fran

    p.s im still eating marmite.i put it on my morning toast,and all seems has some good things in it including B vitamins.
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    Can you tell if the pain seems like it's coming a little more from the left of center (your stomach) or a little to the right (gallbladder). Gallbladder will have a very heavy feeling and some nausea. Stomach is usually more of a burning. They can be very similar.

    Try 3tsp of minced ginger steeped in boiling water for 15 minutes. That should help either stomach or gallbladder discomfort.
  11. hi all,

    i found something interesting out,about myself and the stomach bloating.

    ive just gotten into watching,, sex in the city,and id decided to go and lay on my bed to watch six episodes,alone.

    as i was laying down for quite a few hours to watch the dvd,i got quite alot of wind come out of my body from the mouth and bottom.

    im active and i suppose i dont lay down more than once a day for 1 hour.usually just before going to my part time job in the afternoon.

    but after what happened to me yesterday evening,i now am going to lay down and watch telly, or dvd, about two hours before sleep.

    its the only way the wind will come out of me,and i felt better for it.

    why does wind come out of me better when im laying down flat,compaired to when im active and on my feet?

    its a mystery right now,but id prefer to get the wind out natural,than having to keep taking medication to help it come out.

    it has made me realise that i need to lay down more.

    love fran
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    Thanks for keeping this post alive/and with ideas shared.
    I had my FUN gastro appoint. the other day.
    He sceduled a colonoscopy for mid. august. (I can't wait!!)
    yeaaa!!! lol
    God, I hate to think of doing that prep!
    hated it 5 yrs ago, and I'm sure its the same. The gallon drink.

    I can only say as for location of the pain, its mid upper belly. Not more to one side than the other. ??
    weird. But painful
    I can be relatively ok for a days, then bam. Its back and hurting sooooo bad. I asked about a possible ulcer and the doc. said it sounds more like a colon issue, or gallbladder trouble.
    He said one thing/test at a time. (rude)

    I'll keep the board updated as you've all been so helpful.
    I'm about to HOPEFULLY enjoy a cookout at noon~
    Hope everyone has a good day~
    Thanks alot,

  13. hi all,

    ive taken barrowinnovations advice, and gone and bought some ginger root.

    i managed to buy it from a fresh fruit and vegetable stall.

    i also get my hazel nuts and prunes from him.

    i started the nuts the same day as i started the ginger,but dont eat them at the same time of day.

    ive been on the prunes for over a week now,and im on day 5 i think of having a one a day pot of activia yogurt.

    my bowels are happy right now,so i feel blessed.

    yesterday was day 1,of having the ginger root,and my goodness me,its hot,hot

    so i cut a small piece,and left it to soak for 15 mins in boiled water,(as barrowinnovations had advised).then drank the water when it was cool.

    i then pressed on the softened ginger,with a fork, and squished it up,and put it on a ham sandwich,and ate it.

    today i feel a bit giddy in my head,but i always feel like that on low pressure,weather days,which we, in the uk are having now.

    so the giddyness could have been due to that.

    im going to stick with the ginger root,and it wasnt expensive either.

    thanks for the advice on all the stomach issues,mine most definately seems due to excess wind,and im working on getting that out natural.

    also i need to get off my feet more,and lay down,to take the pressure off my stomach.

    i was going to tell you something else,but ive forgotten what it was,lol.

    love fran
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  14. hi all

    i stopped drinking cows milk,and ive been having soya milk in my coffee,and in my special k cerial.

    i must say that i feel different in my stomach,in a good way.cant put my finger on this feeling as yet,but i like it.

    my family remain on the cows milk,and i dont expect them to change,just bacause i have.

    i do feel that food sensitivities play a big role in upsetting our gut,and then this horrid syndrome takes over.

    ill continue with the soya milk,and it contains calcium,so thats good.

    i noticed that my goats milk doesnt have calcium.

    i havent opened the goats milk carton yet,but i dont want to waste it,so will be drinking it in a day or so.but im going to stick with the soya milk,most definately in future.

    love fran
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    A trick I learned after my C-sections, which leave one full of gas, is to lay on your left hand side, with your bent knees up to about belly button level. This will help your body naturally expell the gas quicker. No need for full fetal postion, you must be comfortable and just lay there while you watch TV or sleep. The gas will come out much quicker, don't be afaid to open up LOL

    I have used this trick after other surgeries and whenever I am feeling gassy.

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    Tandy - I used to have a myriad of digestive problems, including plugged bile duct, inflamed gallbladder, toxic liver, stuck ileocecal valve. Doctors found NONE of these problems.

    The only person who helped me, after literally years of suffering, was my chiropractor who was very good at muscle testing. In five minutes he could figure out what was going on at a particular time, and gave me Standard Process products which worked great. I am certain that without him, my gallbladder would be gone and I'd still be suffering.

    I also learned from him that I needed to take digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid. THis made a huge difference for me. I also had to do a liver detox.

    I cannot imagine how I would have ended up without him. So, it's what I recommend. It's cheap compared to doctors and all their tests, and it worked when nothing else did. So you might look into this.

    Not all chiros are equally skilled at the testing, so if one can't help you, try another one. But there are good ones out there (just like there are good and bad docs)

    Good luck -


  17. hi all,

    id just like to report that while i am having one pot of activia yogurt,a day.about 11.30am.

    and eating a small piece of ginger root each evening.about 7.30pm.

    plus drinking a glassful of purple grape juice a hour before work.about 1.30pm.

    im now not crippled with bloated stomach pains.

    im opening my bowels daily too and alls well.

    i am putting soya milk in my tea and coffee,and my asthma seems to be improoving greatly,that is until i breath in deasal fumes.

    take care all,love fran
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    Fran--I've read your posts concerning the stomach bloat. Heaven knows, that's not fun--no matter the cause. I know I've always recommended that my children lay on their tummies for a spell when they have that problem. Seems to work every time.

    I do think, though, when you add in the naugtiness of "Sex and the City", it makes it downright foolproof--what with the giggling and so on!! Now, I'm not ready to recommend that to the children but I will keep it in mind for myself.

    You always have such creative ways to solve our problems and a "never say die" attitude". You're a treasure!!



  19. hi all,

    many thanks for your kind words to me bless you.i do like to laugh whenever i get the chance to,and it does seem that laughing gets the wind out of my body lol.isnt that strange.

    i tried laying down with the knees brought up to the naval (belly button),area,as advised by one of our friends here,and it does many thanks for that advice.

    im sticking to eating and drinking my usual things,i do now seem to be eating small amounts,and going 5 hours between meals.

    im chewing food up well,and not rushing eating.

    my sister always used to pick on me for being a slow eater,but i just have never rushed meals all my life for some reason.

    my biggest mistake in my youth was,id talk while eating.

    ive learned as ive gotten older DONT TALK WHILE EATING,save the talk for after the meal.

    i suppose we could get pockets of trapped air in between the food,as it progresses through the intestines.

    my family all rush their meals,and have no problems getting their own wind out,they are a smelly bunch of

    but i have envied them, and wished my wind would come out natrually.

    i was told many years ago that i have irratable bowel syndrome,and at times ive wondered if i should go back on colofac tablets,that my doctor gave me.

    i was to take one tablet, 20 mins before food.

    but for now the things im eating and drinking,and my laying down on the bed with the knees up to the naval,are indeed helping the wind to come out of me,thank goodness.

    anyway,i hope all is well with you and yours.and yes,,,watch sex and the city when the kids are in bed,it is rather cheeky,but definately fun.

    i watched the film too and most definately will buy it,to watch on my ......i need a pick up,,days.

    all girls together,,,seem to have so much fun dont they.

    id like to join my workmates for fun nights out.

    they all go to the pub regularly,and sadly im cant drink any beer,it doesnt agree with my intestines and makes me have migraines.

    i have times when i feel down in myself because i cant be like my work mates,and drink/eat,anything.

    but im my own person, and i wont put myself through intestinal agony,just to be like my workmates.

    they also dont understand my fibro/M.E.,even i dont understand it at times.

    but nevermind,we plod on as best we can dont we,and are grateful for each new day.

    love fran
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    I'm another one with major bloating. All of the gas is expelled as soon I get up in the morning, but eating even a small amount creates upper-abdominal bloating. I think it's reached the point where it's impacting my breathing. It's hard to take a full breath sometimes, and I really don't think my heart is the problem, as I've been doing heavy gardening all season without incident.

    My doctor suggested I try Xifaxan. I'm always reluctant to take any medication, particularly one that hasn't been around for a long time. But I'm considering giving it a try. Xifaxan is the protocol recommended in Dr. Pimentel's book. It's an antibiotic that works only in the small intestine.

    Ulala, how are you doing after taking the Xifaxan?

    Tandy, I had a colonoscopy in April and DREADED the prep. I did extensive reading, and found tons of recommendations for using the Miralax prep instead of the GoLytly or whatever it's called. My doctor prefers the Miralax, too. It was easy! Really, my fears were unfounded. I drank a mixture of apple-peach juice (no sugar) and Smart Water (bottled water with electrolytes) all day and did fine.