Stomach bloat w/ ulcers or gallbladder disease ?

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    Hope I got that right?

    Oh you can best believe I'm doing anything BUT the go-lytly gallon stuff!!! thats what the dr. gave me tho. a script to fill for the go-lightly.

    I plan on reading up too on the miralax prep because I can't stand the other!!
    my colonoscopy is in about 2 weeks.
    not that i'm counting :)

    So glad yours went ok~
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    years ago i had horrible debilitating bloating and burning pain. I had gallstones. Had gallbladder removed. What a relief. The interesting thing is I hear gallbladder surgery come up quite a bit in people w/ cfs. Perhaps there's a link in some way to the onset of cfs. Reaction to the anesthesia? Problems w/ bile? creates a glitch in function of our body?
    Just a thought.

    Anyhow , years later and now w/ CFS i have intense stomach pain again. Similar feeling to when i had the gallbladder prob but not as intense. I had an upper endoscopy and all looked ok. Weird.

    I also have bloating real bad. I dont know why. Yeast maybe? I dont know.

    But definitely bloating is common in many w/ cfs.
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    I'm 17 right now and I have been having extreme pain in my right side below my rib cage. When I was 15 I went to the E.R after being sick for months and the doctor said I had an ulcer on my galbladder but did not do anything about it. I have had stomach issues for a few years now and always waved it off as the ulcer. but I also have acid reflux and my dr finally gave my medicine for it last month after it became impossible for me to eat without getting hiccups. The other night I was laying in my bed playing a game when suddenly I had a sharp pain in my stomach and decided to sit up and take a stomach pill I got up and as soon as I stood I got extreme sharp pains through my entire stomach that shot into my chest and instantly gave me a headache. I have severe asthma so I hurried and grabbed my inhaler and took my stomach pill before I collapsed on my bed holding my breathe waiting for the pain to stop I'm currently at my dads so I hurried to call my mom scared of what had jut happened and then I have been having back pain right behind where I'm having it in the front of my stomach it completely wraps around my side I have been bloated for the past month and I gained 10 pounds in a 2 week timeframe I think it's my galbladder because a lot of people into family have had it removed my mom is coming to get me the day after 2mrow so it will be my 4th day in pain before I get to go home. Either way if its my ulcer on or behind my galbladder I just want the pain to stop:( I'm a 17 year old girl and its ruining my life.
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    Mirissa, This an old thread so it may go unnoticed. However I am sorry to hear you are in so much acute pain. If the doctor gave you acid reduction medication it should be a drug called Omeprazole or similar. This must be taken every day not just when you have pain. If you are taking the drug daily and you still have sharp painful bouts then it may not be your stomach. Acid reflux can also be the result of gallbladder dysfunction.

    Gall bladder pain can be very startling and seem like your heart or stomach and does tend to wrap around your right side. You do need to get back to your doctor for an ultrasound of your gall bladder or a scope of your stomach.
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    I'm having problems with my gall bladder I went to the hospital and they told me I have an ulcerated gall bladder but w/o helth insurance I can't have it removed is there anything else I can do bc I can't afford to pay out of pocket or helth insurance I'm a stay at home mom my husband is a truck driver but after he pays for food and stuff we don't have money to spend and the insurance company don't look at it like that plus he was told he makes to much for government help......
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    Gall bladder ailments now have a permanent solution at Grocare. Treat gall bladder with just herbal medication and without surgery. I myself have had some personal experiences with Grocare and surprisingly, i have been treated on the same.
  8. Mikie

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    Welcome to our website. I am not familiar with this herbal remedy.

    I would caution against telling people to take any herbal supplement instead of having surgery. If this worked for you, I'm glad; however, before taking any supplements, people should check with their doctors, especially if the doc has told them they need surgery.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes this is true. People should definitely check with their doctors before taking any supplement. I had also done the same. My doctor had suggested this, which is why I wrote about it. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
  10. Mikie

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    Again, thank you. I'm glad you were helped with this.

    Love, Mikie