Stomach bloating *AND* swelling in legs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puglover29, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. puglover29

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    I know many of us have horrid stomach bloating - I feel 6 months pregnant today! But, do any of you have this AND swelling of the legs? I have the "non-pitting" edema in my legs and it's driving me nuts (along with the abdomen).

    I am also hypothyroid and the doc has increased my thyroid meds to try and take care of this, but it won't go away!

    I am just wondering it's it's part of this DD or if my thyroid meds still aren't adjusted. I do feel as if I am retaining water, too.

    The swelling is not from meds as this started back in March when everything else did and I was undiagnosed and on no meds.

    Atlanta, GA
  2. lana33

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    I had this a couple weeks ago. I had the swelling mostly in my right foot and ankle. I wasn't sure of where else I had it either. And I didn't have pitting edema either.

    My stomach was distended and I didn't feel so good. Never even thought about it being my thyroid. I have always came up normal when tested for thyroid problems so far.

    However after about a week of this, my foot went down and so did my distended abdomen. I also stayed very hungry during all this so maybe I have developed thyroid problems.

    Anyway, before the fluid problems and abdomen went down, I weighed myself. Had gained 10 pounds. Was so glad when I lost it cause I really did not know how much retention was water or weight.

    Sorry this is so long.

    Hope you start to feel better and get the dosage right on your medication.

  3. PurrlGirl

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    for months until recently. I'm on Celexa, lamictal and klonopin - and my stomach and legs have finally returned to normal.

    I've lost 20 lbs and I would not be surprised if half of that was water that I was retaining.

    I don't know what pitted edema is. If you pressed along my shin bone, the finger print would stay dented for a bit.

    I have no explanation for this - just know that my digestion and water retention have improved drastically since starting these meds.

  4. puglover29

    puglover29 New Member

    How come mine won't go away? I don't get it. If you press on my legs, they do not stay indented (that's the "non-pitting" edema). I just don't get it. My stomach was HUGE yesterday! It's a little better today, but still large.

    Crazy... but I actually measured my calves and they gained 1 1/4" throughout the day!

    Just a tad frustrated...

  5. kb101

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    Sounds like you need a really good gastroenterologist
    to help you with that bloat.
    One who also understands specific problems that
    might attend such matters with women.
    Women have their own very specific problems that can
    contribute to a big awful bloat and surprisingly a
    really good gastroenterologist might be able to diagnose something even before a gynecologist.
    I've been down that road many times.
    A lot of us Fibro women also have female problems that
    get misdiagnosed.
    It might be a long haul with the Gastro Doctor to get things under control, but it's worth the effort.
    They tend to prescribe a number of helpful meds
    such as Miralax and a proton pump inhibitor and stool
    softeners, even anti-spasmodics that are organ specific for the bowel and a whole plan of action for your specific needs.
    You might call around and just ask the Doctors staff if they treat women who have a lot of mysterious bloating.
    Bloating is not a healthy condition and can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems so please take care.
  6. flyingfingers

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    I had extreme problems with bloating and swelling of my abdomen, legs, and face when I was on Bextra. I have quit it now and take Cymbalta for the pain and no more swelling. I know my PCP told me that Bextra was notorious for this, but I wonder if the Cymbalta has controlled some of the bloating since it has helped my IBS so much too.