Stomach Flu or something else?

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    I am a 17 year old female and last Thursday around 7:00 a.m. I began to experience burning gas pains in the area around under my belly button and around my anus, thinking this was just a normal symptom from my menstrual cycle I just flatulated and shrugged it off, but then the feeling came back and I went to the bathroom. It came out like it does when you have real bad gas but then it started to come out watery like diarrhea. I felt better after I was finished so I just put it off on my menstrual and eating grapes and falling asleep on them. I went to school but kept getting awful gas during the day. When I came home, it happened again and I realized I actually did have diarrhea. The worst day was Friday, I was going to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. It didn't come out watery but it came out all flaky and mucousy like. Right now, It's not as bad, I'm still experiencing the gas under my belly button and around my anus, using the bathroom every once in the while when it gets to bad, it's a forest green color by the way. The good thing is that I can flatulate now without messing myself. My question is: Was this a viral infection? Viral infections are supposed to be contagious but my mom never did get sick. Could it be IBS? Bad eating habits? (I eat wayyyy to much greasy food) I have lost 7 pound but that's because I haven't eaten anything. I've been eating applesauce and drinking gatorade. Is the stuff happenining to me right now be after effects of the "viral infection" or whatever I had. My doctor said since I experienced digestive problems when I was little it would take awhile for me to get over it.
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    Hi relle--like in Relle Hunter???

    ProHealth does not provide any doctors here so you are on a board of people 18 years and older (yes, the age limit is 18 here), and opinions are from regular people.

    If you already saw your doctor and he told you it would take awhile for you to get over it, then your doctor has already examined you and was your very best source of information and your parents are your next best source. Talk to your parents about what the doctor told them, what diet you are to eat and for how long, and try not to fixate on this. Throughout your life, you will have colds, viruses, flu, and probably even some level of food poisoning--most of us have.

    Your doctor probably mentioned this, but another reminder--WASH, WASH, WASH your hands because extremely loose bowels can get under your fingernails and onto your hands when wiping or if you have an accident in your clothes. Keep your hands extremely clean

    Also note that on internet online boards or chat rooms, you can be told some pretty horrible stuff just by people seeking kicks (this board is a nice board and that won't happen to you here). So be very careful about going on the internet to get your health info--it's safest to go to your parents. Hugs.

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