stomach flu

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  1. monicaz49

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    any get this? how severe?
    mine is a nightmare and i get it 2-3x a year since ive been sick.
    ive fainted, vomited 7x, after i vomit my stomach burns so bad i can barely speak. I know the stomach bug is very common but everyone in family who gets sick never gets as bad as me.
    Anyone else deal w/ this with cfs?
  2. TinaJones

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    YES! I usually get it so bad that I end up in the hospital needing massive fluids, IV meds for vomiting, etc. I never was like this before getting ill. I have CFS and Fibro, as well as some other health issues.

    I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Just try to get as many fluids down as possible. I know it's hard. I just got over another bout about a month ago. I was SOOO sore from vomiting.

    Maybe you could even call your doctor and ask him to call you in some meds to stop the vomiting. If you get the flu that frequent, I would really consider it. The meds break the vomiting cycle - so sometimes even one dose does the trick. Not to get too graphic :) but my doctor gives my the Phenergan suppositories; I just keep them on hand since I deal with this so frequently (and can't keep down the oral meds when I'm that sick). They work great, makes you a little sleepy - which is good when you are fighting the flu.

    Again, sorry you are so sick! Hope you feel better soon. --Tina
  3. LACurrry

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    I get sick often with this does seem to be getting better though....keep your chin up.