Stomach pain/severe bloating?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BonnieQ, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. BonnieQ

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    Has anyone dealt with this? I have had severe bloating, stomach pain , and can't eat much at all. The worst is at night I wake up with horrid bloating and pain.

    My dr. is running tests but it takes forever to figure out. I do have gastroparesis but this seems different. I don't even have to eat and am in pain and bloated horribly. Someone told me you can get small bacterial overgrowth in the intestines. I mentioned to the dr. and she shook her head and said take probiotics but that didn't help. I am getting desperate.

    She is checking the gallbladder, I had an ultrasound then a hida scan done yesterday but know it won't show anything. Has anyone had similar problems? I am so miserable. any advise would be appreciated. One of the worse things is I should have lost at least 20 lbs but only 5 so I think drs don't take me seriously. But I think my body thinks its starving itself. I am going to bring up the SIBO and also wondering if I could have a yeast infection in my body??

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    Consider going on the IBS diet and see if it helps. Checkout They have a page with the diet. If nothing seems to help you must see a gastro doc. They are the best ones to get to the bottom of these problems.

    So sorry your having such a hard time. Hope you get relief soon.

  3. BonnieQ

    BonnieQ Member

    thanks for replying but this is waaay more than IB. I am in the process of testing but unfortunately if the drs can't see it it takes forever to get help. I can hardly eat anything other than applesauce, mashed potatoes and applesauce, even then I pay with pain and severe bloating.... anyone else have any ideas?
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  4. Kittyweird

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    Hi Bonnie- I, too, experience chronic stomach pain & digestive issues. A few years ago, I had my gallbladder removed which helped stop the pain of passing stones, but I have a pain in my stomach that still tortures me, as well as bloating & indigestion.
    I have seen a very good gastro doc, who put me on some meds that helped somewhat, but are not safe to take long term. She has not found a direct cause for my problem. I think it is all part of the Fibro since Fibro is a nervous system disorder & therefore can affect all body systems, & she agrees with me.

    Here are some things that I have found which help me. I have given my diet a good overhaul. I have cut out aspartame, which is bad for you for many reasons, as well as MSG, high fructose corn syrup, nitrates, sulfates & other chemical ingredients. I do not drink soda except for an occasional all natural one. There is a magazine called Clean Eating which is very helpful. I read labels on everything that I buy. I try to avoid food products that come from China. I eat organic as much as possible. I only allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning & I water it down. I rarely drink alcohol any more. When I do I drink a dry white wine, often adding sparkling water to it.

    I take ginger capsules 3x a day with meals. This alone has made a HUGE difference. I do not eat after 8 pm. About an hour after my evening meal, I eat organic Greek yogurt for dessert. This type of yogurt costs more, but is worth it. Cheaper yogurts contain high fructose corn syrup & few probiotics.

    I do find yeast to be a problem. I get skin yeast as well as internal. I take a Homeopathic tablet for that. It is called AZO & i get it at Walgreens.

    My weakness is sugar, & although I do allow myself the occasional treat, I find that if I do not control my cravings, my stomach suffers &the bloating increases, as well as the yeast.

    When I do screw up & my stomach acts up, I go on a bland diet for a week or so. Chicken soup, oatmeal, yogurt, things like that.

    One last thing that I find helpful is to drink lots & lots of filtered water. I put a PUR filter on my kitchen faucet. Although filters for it are expensive, it ends up being much cheaper than buying bottled water. I try to avoid bottled water, as there is too much plastic in the world & I've read some scary things about how the plastic leeches in to the water. I also no longer microwave anything in plastic as plastic also leeches into food that way.

  5. BonnieQ

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    thanks for the info. Do you get ginger at the health food store and what kind/amt ? What does ginger supposed to do for the stomach? I have had alot of female yeast infections so I imagine it can be inside the body as well, even though my gastro dr. shook his head that it was rare. Why don't drs listen to us? thanks again.
  6. Kittyweird

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    Bonnie- I get the ginger capsules at Walgreens. I buy the Nature Made, cause they often have 2 for 1 sales. I just follow the directions & take one 3x a day with meals. I'm sure that health food stores have them too.
  7. limbo

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    diet is important, no diet sugar, and the best probotic you can find. Stress adds to it, and walking helps. I'm doing acupuncture, one who has masters degree, and it has helped so much, in so many ways. You can test for yeast. Maybe a second opinion, today the docters heed the bottom line by thier superiors.

    I lost a daughter a year ago, so I know what stress can do. Don't give up!

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