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    I have had Fibro for about 3 yrs now as well as interstial cyctitis and depression. A couple weeks ago I had severe stomach pain and I assumned it was from my gallbladder. I went to the hospital and was in there for 3 days and 3 doctors told me the pain was muscle pain and not caused by my gallbladder. I have had fibro for 3yrs and I have never had this stomach pain. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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    Just over the last 4 or 5 months I've been having stomach acid/burning problems and bad crampy pain on my upper right abdomen with stabbing in my back. I just had a gall bladder ultrasound done and will find out the results Monday. I have a feeling they'll say it's fine since they haven't called me yet. It's actually a painful tight band like pain all around my upper abs, a boring constant pain on the left side and the crampy more severe pain on the right. It's making me so much more miserable.....I wish I knew what was wrong...UGH!!

    BTW~ How on earth did you get admitted into the hospital for 3 days to only find out it was "muscle pain"? Did you have a high fever? It's so hard to get admitted these days, and if you do, they want to boot you out the next morning already. I'd love more than anything to spend my next "vacation" in a hospital so they can do all the lab tests they want, maybe something will finally come of all this!

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    That when undiagnoised till today. I had every test you can imagine. I have systemic candida. You might want to take a questionaire to see. You can one some on the candida site here, Or find Dr. Crooks web site. Good luck, Deb
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    hello...i too have severe stomach pains and cramping. Had a stomach and pelvic cat-scan(negative)...My doctor, whom i trust, tells me it's my fibromylgia. I often leave her office feeling more depressed because there's no causation to my stomach pains. these started a few months though i've had lyme disease and fibromylgia for over 20 i adjust my eating habits, take deep breaths when the pains is stabbing and pray my doctor is right....

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    i have stomach pain for 7 weeks now and the docotrs dont know whata wrong with me! i feel tired, and depressed as all my results are clear. i am thinking of going private and getting a second opinion, has anyone else suffered like me?
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    I've had stomach problems like the ones you all speak of
    for years. I do have IBS,but my god if all this stomach pain is IBS, than its not as mild a disease as they say!
    I go thru hell with this!! Unless its something else going on too? My gallbladder has been tested,and that came out fine~ I've had a pelvic ultrasound done too.And an endoscopy.(all OK)I know there are other tests,but so far thats what I've had done. My pain is mid to upper belly,I feel back pain with it too.At times when its at its worse,it"ll make my left side and ribs hurt. I get no clear cut answers from the Drs.!!I LIVE on my heating pad on low. Other than that,I just suffer like all you's do!!
    I've tried otc gas pills,pepto bismo etc. nothing helps!!
    Do any of yours run in spurts?Meaning sometimes I'll be fine,no belly pain for 3-4 days,then BAm!! and when it does act up it'll be for days on end....even weeks!! I just had 2 different episodes of it just needless to say I feel run down and very bummed out~ It sux to not feel good for weeks at atime and not know why!!!
    Anybody else get bummed too? And this belly pain is on top of my constant everyday FM pain! I think we all deserve a BIG break here!!
    For barbm~ Muscle pain huh? is that what all this is?
    Maybe....I hope so! I've never heard of stomach muscle pain??Maybe some soreness of the stomach muscles but this is way more than soreness! When mine is real bad....I'll feel around abit just to see where the hell the pain is exactly coming from~When I push in my upper belly...its so sore its unbelievable!!(its feels like an ulcer or a canker sore inside!!)but supposedly I don't have an ulcer~ Wish we could figure this one out!
    Thanks for posting this~ I think many others get stomach pain here too.maybe they'll see this and throw in aword or two.
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    I'm new. I found the list with a Yahoo Search. I've been diagnosed with FMS about 1-1/2 years now by a rheumatologist and take Celebrex and amitriptiline. We recently went on a 2-1/2 week trip to a warm climate. When we returned to St. Louis I felt like I'd been hit by a Mack truck for 2 weeks. That's been subsiding but I am having stomach pain that seems to be getting worse. That's why I searched to see if it could be related. it's accompanied by bloating. I have been so constipated I usually don't have a BM unless I take a laxative. I see my internist in a couple weeks and I'm sure I'll have to get a colonoscopy since I just turned 55. I had the flexsig 2 years ago and it was fine. I also had a c-section with my kids 25 years ago and it could be adhesions. But do you think these symptoms could be due to the FMS? Thanks for your response. Sharon
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    Most of my stomach pain is because of IBS. I have very hard cramps at times and it comes on very sudden. I also had gallstones and most of the time if there is something wrong with your gallbladder you will feel pain in your right shoulder and chest instead of in your stomach, altough having gallstones can cause you to feel nausea. I have found that my IBS varies greatly from one day to the next going from one extreme of running to the bathroom all day long to the next day or so not being able to go. I hope you find relief best of luck