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    I posted this as a reply to a post earlier, but thought as this is such a common problem, i`d post as a topic too.


    Leaky Gut Syndrome is a possibly unpleasant sounding name but it describes a gut which is inflamed and has got very porous, (much more porous than it should be), and it is letting large food proteins, bacteria, fungi, metals and toxic substances straight into our blood stream or in more scientific language, an increase in permeability of the intestinal mucosa to luminal macromolecules, antigens and toxins associated with inflammatory degenerative and/or atrophic mucosal damage. Once in the blood stream our immune system is the last line of defense to deal with these substances and it will eventually get overwhelmed if a Leaky Gut is not rectified.


    Diseases Caused By Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
    Rheumatoid Arthritis,
    Multiple Sclerosis,
    Crohn’s Disease,
    Addison’s Disease,
    are only some of the Auto-Immune disorders that are all treated very effectively when a leaky gut is healed.

    The inflammation caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome also damages the protective coating of the antibodies of the IgA family (immunoglobins) normally present in a healthy gut. The IgA’s help our body to ward off infections, however, a leaky gut causes considerable damage to the immune system (IgA’s) and makes us less resistant to viruses, bacteria’s, parasites, toxic materials, metals and candida.

    Another problem a leaky gut creates is a mineral deficiency because the damage that happens to the carrier proteins which are needed for transport of specific minerals are damaged by the inflammatory processes. For example, a magnesium deficiency that is present in most Fibromyalgia patients. This patient can take incredibly high doses of magnesium, however, if the carrier protein for this mineral is damaged, no matter how much of the mineral you take, it will not get into the body where it is needed. This can also be true for some bone disorders. Even a zinc deficiency, which will effect hair loss and some eye disorders (macular degeneration). Copper deficiency can also occur this way which can lead to Osteoarthritis or even elevated blood cholesterol in some cases. For any syndrome that could be connected to a mineral deficiency, or exhibits symptoms that don’t seem to go away no matter what you do, you should consider the possibility of a leaky gut.

    Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Our intestinal lining replaces itself approximately every 24 hours. This means that every cell that the lining is composed of is digested or sloughed off, and a new one grows to take its place. All this activity means the gut uses more blood when it is resting than any other organ but it is also the first to lose its blood supply when in a fight or flight situation, which is what stress is. If you have a lot of stress then your gut will always be starved for blood and the lining will be impaired.

    Other factors which cause or worsen LGS are:

    Alcohol and caffeine which irritate the gut wall, this includes cokes (diet and regular), chocolate, coffee, cocoa.
    Contaminated foods, E. coli and other bacteria’s can develop due to poor food handling.
    Chemicals found in processed and fermented foods (dyes and preservatives), wine, vinegar, soy sauce, tofu, etc.
    A diet high in refined sugars and other carbohydrates (e.g. candy, cookies, sodas, processed foods and white bread).
    Foods contaminated by parasites (pork, chicken, fresh water and hatchery fish).
    Antibiotic use-this causes an overgrowth of bacteria (yeast) in the gut due to the immune suppression that occurs.
    Ingestion of animal products that have been given hormonal and antibiotic treatments.
    NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
    Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Symptoms include arthritis, chronic fatigue, Candidiasis, bloating, food allergies, sinusitis, slow thought processes, headaches, lethargy, fluid retention, weight gain, diarrhoea and / or constipation, flatulence, IBS, food intolerance and many other gastric disturbances

    The Steps to a Non Leaky Gut
    Don't eat sugar, refined carbohydrates, coffee, fatty foods. Also foods such as are dairy, eggs, gluten grains (wheat, oats, rye), corn, beans (especially soy), and nuts can often cause problems and some people are allergic to garlic also. Exposure to a significant allergy can sabotage the treatment. A non-allergenic diet can be obtained by eating meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, potatoes, rice, millet, and fruits.
    Avoid alcohol, especially unpasteurized beer which still has some yeast in it.
    Cleanse the gut of toxins.
    Eliminate the candida yeast and its roots in your gut.
    Eliminate any other parasites in your gut.
    Provide the right diet and supplements so your body can repair itself.
    Return the good bacteria to your gut. Lactobacillus Sporogenes can be particularly effective, or eat acidophillus yoghurt if dairy products are OK.
    Avoid NSAIDs if at all possible.
    Exercise for half an hour each day. Brisk walking is good.
    Drink pure water and lots of it!
    Weapons in the Fight Against Leaky Gut Syndrome.
    Shark Liver Oil.
    Co-enzyme Q10
    Olive Leaf Extract.
    Anti-oxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene.Vitamin A Vitamin C 500 with Bioflavonoids Vitamin E 400 Beta-Carotene Antioxidant System
    mineral supplements particularly selenium.Selenium 200 Mcg
    Aloe Vera Juice or powdered leaf.Aloe Vera
    Lactobacillus supplements
    Glutamine. Glutamine Fuel
    Digestive enzymes

    The Mucous System's Role
    The mucous system in our nasal passages flushes bacteria and viral particles into our stomach where the HCl Acid should kill them. Any that get through to a normal gut should eventually be excreted. Of course a Leaky Gut will let them into the bloodstream.

    Research has shown that, when available to it in sufficient levels, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane appears to coat all the mucus membranes of the body, creating a shield through which:

    Air-borne allergy-causing contaminants such as household dust (mite faeces), pollens etc. can be shielded from entering the tissue of the lungs and nasal passages, thus reducing the affects of hay fever and asthma.
    Industrial contaminants such as exhaust gasses, solvents etc. are also hindered.
    Parasites, such as Cryptosporidium, giardia, salmonella, even hookworm can be dissuaded from entering the walls of the stomach and intestines. This coating can also provide a hostile living environment for parasites.
    Provide a shield to prevent the roots of the candida yeast culture from penetrating the intestine wall, thus reducing the severity of this disease.
    Undigested food and toxins are deterred from entering the blood stream through a leaky gut thus reducing one of the most common causes of allergies and auto-immune diseases. Given time, MSM will start to repair the damage causing the gut to leak.
    People with high blood pressure need to be careful of MSM and should consult their health professional before taking it.

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    I have been working on Leaky Gut with my Probiotics and Digestive enzymes, and other supplements, but had not seen so much information on this, specifically..

    Thanks so much for the great article...How do you find all of this? Iam trying to do a lot more cleaning, etc. to get ready for my parents to arrive, so haven't been on here, much lately, AND probably will not be as much, for awhile..

    After reading this article, it seems to indicate that MSM is, particularly sufficient levels..Do you or anyone know what is the "sufficient level"?


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    Great info - thanks for refreshing my memory on leaky gut.

    Not sure what the appropriate amount to take of MSM since everyone is different but I started out about 10 mos. ago on 500 mg and increased to 1000/day. About a week ago I ran out and thought it wouldn't hurt to go a few days without it & boy did I get a surprise. Ended up with a reaction to something I ate which was so bad it sent me to the ER for a visit 3 days ago.

    It didn't dawn on me until just now that the MSM had been protecting me - I'm still feeling nausea and fluish and want it to go away! I'm so glad my MSM arrived today so I can get back on it. It also helps with joint pain.
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    I've been working on leaky gut/food allergy healing with my allergist for the past three months or so. Always good to read more about it!!

    Thanks for providing this article!

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    Think this is something I really need to read up on...
    I've had problems with low iron levels for years...since I was 13...around the same time I was diagnosed with IBS, I've been on and off iron supplments for years. Asthma joined ship a few years back along with this rotten tiredness and the body aches.

    Not real big on sugars, junk, or sodas, but I've always loved bread, and haven't been able to give up the morning coffee yet, although I have cut down. Time to take an even closer look maybe at what I'm eating. I'm always learning something new here!
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    For Starbright
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    I think that rather than just eating yoghurt, one needs good probiotic supplements like the jarro dophilus sold here.

    Leaky Gut is how we get food allergies. When the particles of food pass into the bloodstream, the immune recognizes them as foreign and, voila, food allergy.

    Often, the first symptom of Leaky Gut is pain in the shoulders.

    This is a good comprehensive article. Thanks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear plant scaper and pat palmer: very good post, please read my post on SOurce of plant based dig. enzymes,

    this relates to our leaky gut problems as the protocol seems to be probiotics and dig. enzymes, but are all enzymes created equal and do they feed candida a FUNGI

    I"ve been educated by 2 friends who have had CFS and have studied and studied supps and the industry, please read my post, only 4 cos. make dig enzymes in US and all the other sellers have them made, but the most common source is aspergillus, a fungi so if we have leaky gut food allergies hypersenivities candida are WE feeding candida with the fungi based enzymes whihc most are?

    Unless the co. can assure us there are NO fungal markers in the end product, that is the question is was told by the very educated persons to ask the enzyme cos. i've asked 3 only 1 could say none in final product, and i had to just take their word.

    thanks much paul m.
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    I think I've had leaky guts all day. ...well, something has made me leaky today! darn my son used to say.
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    nickname New Member u know why pain in the shoulders is one of the first signs of this? I have both, and it got me thinking why.

    Best wishes
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    .......Robert Atkins in his book "Vita-nutrient solutions" reckons that the fungal enzyme called apergillus oryzae seems the best equipped to correct leaky gut.

    best wishes