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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amorgan, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. amorgan

    amorgan New Member

    Does anyone else suffer from major stomach problems related to FM. I have had a number of tests and medications and nothing seems to help. Is it hopeless???
  2. amorgan

    amorgan New Member

    Thank God someone understands! I suffer constantly with nausea and burping. It doesn't matter if I sit up or lie down, it is still bad. I cannot even wear a bra sometimes. I take Protonix which does not seem to help. I have had tests that all say it is just acid reflux. I had a scope done last week and now the dr. said he does not think my esophageal sphincter is working properly! I also have lower abdominal pain that is supposed to be a pulled muscle. I do yoga and I really don't know if this could have pulled a muscle or not, but I get crampy down there. Do you have this also?
  3. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    It does seem like many of us with Fibro have acid reflux. I got mine when I was 21 tho, long before I had Fibro. I was on Tagamet for years, then Librax. Then about 12 years ago I started Prilosec. I've had 3 endoscopies, and I had a hiatal hernia. It isn't JUST acid reflux. It is very bad on the lining of your esophagus, it must be controlled or you will be at a higher risk of perforation and cancer. I finally got the stomach wrap (Nissan Fundoplication), to tighten my sphincter and it has lasted about 3 years. I would recommend you get on your gastro doc and tell him you need relief. It is so wonderful to be able to eat anything, anytime, anywhere. best, N
  4. Bunnylover

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    Hi, I take all kinds of meds and some cause nausea but it seems like I have had nausea forever. I had tests, I have hiatal hernia, acid reflux and am taking nexium for that. I have found sometimes if I take my allergy med it helps. The post nasal drip for sinuses is the culprit but not always. I take lortab for pain and it causes me extreme nausea, so Dr. gave me phenergan for nausea. One more pill to take,hate it. I havent taken lortab since Thursday because he gave me nuerontin. I believe sometimes if I stop my meds I will feel better cause every one has side effects. Oh,well just wanted to tell someone I'm in the boat that causes all this nausea. Terri
  5. Kea

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    I am also having problems with my stomach. I also had the scope thing. I have been on Protonix for the last two months and feel no change.
  6. EllenComstock

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    but for quite awhile I was having a terrible time with heartburn every night. Just another thing keeping awake, but fortunately I haven't had it in quite awhile. I also had a week that I had problems with nausea, but luckily that ended, too. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. TaniaF

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    I wake up in the morning with a queasy stomach. Don't know why. Dr has me on Prevacid. What really helps me, is to eat a saltine cracker first thing. It helps the nausea. And I'm way beyond pregnancy days, even though this feels like morning sickness. I do have a lot of post nasal drip---wonder if this really causes this nausea?
  8. Vicki

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    amorgan, reading your message was the first time I realized my stomach problems might be related to the fatigue thing.I nearly started crying. Went along reading and there was the bra discomfort. I am overwhelmed knowing other people are having these problems, too. I guess I thought my body was really falling apart. Yoga really helped me a lot. When I stretch and get enough sleep (Thanks to Klonopin and Trazodone.) I feel so much better. It doesn't go away but it sure helps. Thanks for your posting.
  9. Vicki

    Vicki New Member

    Would you be kind enough to give some detail about the "stomach wrap". My stomach has given me problems for years. I wonder now if this was a precusor to CFS. Who knows? Thanks, V.
  10. amorgan

    amorgan New Member

    I am so glad I could help someone. Actually, I am new to this site and I had so many questions little did I know I could help someone else.
  11. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    Vickie I assume you were talking to me about the stomach wrap. It's a big step to take and it's only for bad reflux disease. It's done with the five holes and the camera etc, in there. They cut the top part of your stomach away from the attachments to your abdominal wall, use the curved part as a lasso, wrap it around the lower part of your esophagus and stitch it to itself. It then replaces the lax sphincter at the top of your stomach that is letting the acid rise. It work, but believe me it's a last resort, and I do think it wears out. I had it done 3 years ago, and I'm starting to detect some mild heartburn now and then. As the surgeon told me sometimes it doesn't last forever.
    I wouldn't go through that pain again either. I hate surgery, even if it is laproscopic, it still hurts like a bitch!. N
  12. Kim

    Kim New Member

    I have acid reflux, which, if not treated can cause heart palpitations. I also have stomach pain, which responds quite well to digestive enzymes (without HCI). Add IBS to the mix and my stomach is very delicate. I take aciphex for the reflux. kim
  13. rbtheidmanhabs

    rbtheidmanhabs New Member

    Hey Amorgan!
    I certainly do suffer from upset stomach almost every day.In May they diagnosed me with helicobacter pyloria and I constantly have gastric reflux.I take prevacid every day but some times I really don't think it helps.

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  14. Daya

    Daya New Member

    I have had all the tests & have nothing wrong .I was told that once I got my nerves under control my stomach problems would also be solved. My doctor has me on EFFEXOR for depression & it has helped alot. I also take BROMELINE with each meal & this makes a difference too. I hope this is helpful. Daya
  15. AnnG

    AnnG New Member

    Since the early 80's. Have had every test and tried most meds. Had one Dr. tell me to eat twinkies and white bread and stay away from roughage (early 80's). Another Dr. told me to "go upstairs with a good book and leave the kids dowmstairs with your husband." Since I was living in a small rambler at the time, I opted not to climb out on the roof and start reading!

    I've been diagnosed with ulcers, diverticulosis, hiatel hernia, acid reflux, polyps,IBS.... I just call them "my stomach attacks". I have spent countless hours alone at night sipping herbal tea while everyone else is asleep. Wouldn't it be great if we knew when each other is suffering? We could have herbal tea parties!!!
  16. monom

    monom Member

    There are many stories in this regard on this site,where different issues were covered.

    I have had this problems for many years and upper GI and several Endoscopy tests, other than very red stomach and no explanation and coated tongue along with it,I am on yeast treatment,hopefully will help.

    Thank you

  17. mermaid

    mermaid New Member

    I have had stomach and digestive problems off and on since being diagnosed with CFIDS. They were bad in the beginning and I was able to get them resolved with acupuncture and chinese herbs. (That was after a full gastro workup...the doctor said I had IBS.) For me, digestive problems are often the first warning sign that I have pushed past my limits. Currently, I'm in a phase where my stomach hurts most of the time and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. The old remedies aren't working, and it's driving me crazy!! I had an iron stomach before this DD.
  18. KK027

    KK027 New Member

    I too am currently going through some stomach issues.
    For the past 4-5 months, I have had some strange changes in "habits". I get a lot of cramping throughout my stomach area, especially in the left side. My stomach also bloats to about 3x it's size. In the past month I have been home from work numerous times for going to the bathroom every 2 minutes and I ran a temperature of 103.
    I called my Dr. and she is scheduling a colonoscopy for me. Has anyone ever had one of these?
    I hope we can find an answer to the IBS/CFS/FM illness soon!
    Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you for your support.