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    I seem to get a stomach bug "virus" at least 3 times a year. When I get them - it takes me down for days! Usually 7-10 days before I start feeling normal again. I've now had one for 7 days and still not able to eat nothing but mashed tators and toast. Drink Ginger Ale.
    I missed 5 days of work. This time it started with a bad headache and nausea. The body aches and fever. Stomach cramps started 3 days later. They lasted about 4 days. SEVERE nausea! Doctor put me on Zofran. That didnt help me. I usually take phengran. It helps but makes me sleepy. My friend keeps telling me to get on probiotics(Pearl). Does anyone know if that would prevent me from getting this TERRIBLE viruses? I sure get tired of my friends not understanding how these viruses make you feel. They think you should be bouncing back to life in 2 days!! Thats not me....... From: Texas lady tired of being sick!!!!
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    Have you been to a doctor for this? I don't think it's normal to have a stomach virus that often. Sounds more like irritable bowel syndrome.
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    Many of the programs are talking about how to keep yourself from getting sick. In the process they are providing so much good information.

    They are suggesting changing some things you do. I have systemic lupus so for a few years I have gotten those Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and use them in cleaning the home as they do kill viruses. I also have irritable bowel syndrome-diahrea. I try hard to keep both under control.

    1. The Doctors TV show was talking about how the TV remote control in the bedroom may actually contain bacteria, viruses, and they found with one woman it even contained fecal matter. When you turn the TV off, take one of those Lysol wipes and wipe it very well. I wipe the TV remote control in the living room too now just in case.

    2. Don't forget to wipe down your computer keyboard too after you shut your computer down. During flu season when I used to work, I used to take Lysol spray and spray down my area, and use the wipes on my phone, my calculator and my keyboard. I also locked away my pens, stapler and other tools because this is the stuff that people go to your desk and use at night (even if they are sick) when you are not there. I used to work at places were bosses would come in with flu or bring in their kids that had flu.

    3. The Doctors TV show was also recommending constantly washing your hands (singing Happy Birthday to you twice) and then using a hand sanitizer (I have them in the bathroom and kitchen at home).

    4. Don't chew fingernails. This is placing any bacteria or viruses on your hands directly into your system.

    5. Keep your hands away from your face unless you have just washed and sanitized them.

    6. Some of the shower heads have accumulated bacteria from gunk building up for many years. So either discard it, take it apart and disinfect, or some people are handing bags with a disinfectant solution on it for a while.

    7. I have cat litter boxes. I change them and wipe them out with the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. I make sure to wash and sanitize my hands afterwards.

    8. Start to watch some of the dates of the food you are buying. I was in the supermarket and found they were selling DanActive Immunity drink that was two weeks past date.

    9. Because I have lupus, I don't want to get viruses and such as it will put me down with a nasty lupus flare. So I even wipe the kitchen countertops with the Lysol wipes. That way if the cats have gotten up there, I am eliminating any bacteria from their feet.

    10. Fresh produce from the supermarket should be washed, washed and then washed again just as a precaution. Try it and see how it does.

    11. Unfortunately, this isn't a good time to be shaking hands with it being the flu season. So perhaps shake an elbow (like Howie Mandel does)

    12. Take a look at your desk at home and when was the last time you disinfected that. Take some wipes and wipe it down.

    13. Don't forget to disinfect all sinks at home on a regular basis If you are virus free, replace your toothbrush every so often just as a precaution because they do start to wear down too.

    14. I saw this on Oprah and The Doctors. Wash your underwear in red hot water with a small amount of bleach. Underwear do contain small amounts of fecal matter and that's the way to kill the nasty stuff you can get from fecal matter.

    15. Reduce the amount of stress in your life. It's the fastest way for me to start my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, start my migraines and run my immune system down.

    16. Drink lots of water. Water replenishes the body. Somes drinking fruit juices or soda all the time can be too acidic on the stomach, so switching over to water is great. If you are concerned about your stomach, then switch to drinking distilled water. My cat has cystitis (problems with irritation of his bladder) and even eating special food, the vet said to put him on distilled water. So he has done well and the Spring Water may contain some chemicals, where the distilled water does not.

    17. Replace your toothbrush after every virus you have otherwise you leave the virus on your toothbrush to reinfect you again.

    18. Something I learned from someone who worked in a hospital kitchen years ago. I wash my dishes and put a small amount of bleach in the water. It disinfects. You'll notice that liquid dish detergents you hand wash in like Dawn are starting to put bleach in them.

    19. I forgot to mention that I have carpets. So under the litter boxes I put those clear plastic desk mats (that you many times find at work). It allows me to move the litter box, sweep up any excess litter (even with a hooded box litter does come out), to mop and disinfect the area. So the cat area is kept clean.

    20. Remember to use throw away cups in the bathroom. Otherwise you reinfect with the virus.

    21. When I go down sick, I go into "disposable mode" and use my supply of disposable cups, bowels, utensils, etc. so when I am finished eating, they go directly into the trash bag in the trash can, get the lid put on the top and I spray some Lysol into the bag and the "virus" is contained for a while. Then I don't have to immediately wash dishes or have dirty dishes with my virus germs hanging on the counter tops. I live alone and I can't risk reinfecting myself.

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