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    How are you??? Hope you are feeling better!!

    I was doing so good.. Then I was gone a couple of days, out running around.. Eating some things I shouldn't. And then I decided to try a few things...

    Well I feel like I back tracked a little.. My stomach is bad. But I don't feel like I am going to throw up.. That's a good thing. But bloated...Oh boy.

    I was shopping the other day and found a Trader Joe's.. I was so excited! I love that store. Have you ever heard of it? THe only bad thing is it is over an hour from me. I will just have to go every once in a while. I even got some Organic milk. It doesn't bother my stomach at all. I was so glad. And I finally found my blackstrap molasses.

    I think I solved the really bad dizzines that I was having. I just don't think I was eating enough. I feel like I have been pigging out now. I do alter my shake a little. Now I make it with all the stuff but not as much of everything and then I put it in my oatmeal. So I get full. But I don't think It was the fruit. I have been adding a little at a time and I don't seem to have a problem. Time will tell.

    I am going to increase my threelac today.. I am still taking a half of packet.. I will split it with morning and night.. See how it goes. But I think it is time.

    I am still wondering why I hurt all over so bad.. Worse that normal. I just don't understand. I have been stretching a little and last night I walked just for about 10 min. I figured that was better that nothing. And I walked all weekend while I was gone shopping.

    THe other thing I wanted to ask you.. I have been having weird things with my heart.. It will pound hard every once in a while. Sometimes quit a bit. THen I can feel it in my throat.. Makes me want to cough. My mom thinks that my salt is low.. Do you think that would cause that?? I do crave salt now. Just wanted your oppinion.

    Thanks for listening..

  2. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I know you have told me about it before.. But what is it??

    Does it come in a pill?? Or is it food??

    I wish you had a magic pill too!!LOL You'd be rich!

    I think I am heading in the right track though..

    Sun. when I was gone I was having those heart things and I ate some popcorn.. That actually helped quite a bit. Didn't help my stomach.. but seem to help my heart thing.

    I think just eating more has made a difference.. Not really on my stomach.

    I forgot to tell you about my son...We have cut back his sugar( not a ton, but enough) I still let him have 1 sugar thing a day. He has been eating the shake everyday with his breakfast.. He likes it. My daughter is another story. His teacher called me yesterday and said that he had a really good day yesterday and she just wanted to let me know that. I was really happy to hear it.

    Last night though .. He got a really bad headache. You don't think it is from changing things?? He couldn't ever eat dinner.

    I told his teacher that I was not giving him any meds.. I was just going to try to change his diet a little and see what happens.. She thought that was a great idea. So I told her to let me know if she sees any changes or problems with him. I would think it would make some what of a difference..I am hoping!

  3. SherylD

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    How did I now you were going to say that.. I don't get much controll of that when he is at school all day.

    I now put water in his lunch.. I'm sure he loves that. But yesterday it came back full.. said he wasn't thirsty.

    I looked at the post you bumped about the herbs and supps.

    I will take a closer look at it when I get some time later.

    So do I just get me the garlic and the Pau D'arco at the health food store.. Or the vitamin store? Does it matter what kind I get??

    I am wanting some sugar REALLY bad. I wasn't craving it to bad.. but today is bad. Is there a sweetener that I can at least put in some things?? I know some mention stevia. Is that what I should get?? Or just forget it all together and suffer??

    At that store I was at, I also got some echinecea tea, ginger tea, green tea.. Just in case. I haven't tried any of them yet.. Are they anything I could use?? I thought even just to have once in a while.

  4. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I will try to get somewhere this weekend to get those.

    I am not going to have my computer for a couple days.. It needs to get worked on..

    I will check back with you when I get it back.

    Thanks so much..
  5. SherylD

    SherylD Guest


    I got my computer back.. I don't know for how long. It still don't seem right.

    Anyways.. I have been doing pretty good. Seem to have a little less fog.

    I increased my threelac a couple days ago and I think that made a difference. How do you know when to stop inceasing it?? How many packets do you go up to?? I will have to read up on it.

    I also picked up the garlic and par d'arco today. Which should I try first??

    My son seems to be doing pretty good. He has been herxing a little... He gets a headache once in a while and he has had the diarrhea on and off. He did miss a half a day of school cuz of it. But I think he seems better already. Today when I was asking him his spelling words(test day) he was just spitting them right out. Before he would just sputter and not really get them. Seems to be going good. The only problem we have had so far is the drinking thing. They are use to gatoraid.. Which has a lot of sugar in it. The propel water only has 2g of sugar.. So I got them that. And I did find some carbonated water that has no sugar. And Motts had a apple juice with no sugar added. Still it has a lot of sugar.. Must be natural?? I just give them that when they want something other than plain water.

    My daughter is bad though.. she just keeps asking me for junk.. I know she craves it. I did pick them up the Kashi cereal. They actually ate it today. My daughter liked it dry. They love cereal and that only has like 5g of sugar.. unlike the other cereals.

    So how are you??

    Let me know about the garlic and pard'arco...

    Take care.

  6. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    For your daughters friend. That would be terrible.

    Glad you are feeling better.. And I bet your hair looks great.

    I just gave this girl a perm.. She has really long hair.. It turned out beautiful. She was really happy.

    I got the yeast connection book.. It is pretty informative. I had to pick between 2 different ones.. Of couse when I came home I looked online.. I get the really old version. I might try to exchange it. Also I would like to get the cookbook. I need ideas..My brain is still not working that good.. better but stiil not as good as I would like it to be.

    I can at least look through it and see what to pick up the next time I make it to the health food store.

    I have been making the shake for my husband for the last 3 days.. I am so excited. I really think he needs it. He is such a grouch!! He likes his beer... And every year he quits drinking and goes on a diet. Well I have got him doing the shake and eating pretty good. I hope here in a few days he gets in a better mood. LOL!! I'm sure he is having some withdrawls from the beer and some foods. So hopefully it helps him.

    I will start the pard'arco and see what happens.

    I think things are going pretty good.. Keeping my fingers crossed that by summer I am ever better.

    Are there any other good books you think I should look at??

    Thanks for all your help!!

  7. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I didn't start that yesterday.. I got really sick last night. I felt like I ate to much and I was going to get really sick.

    MY stomach hurt so bad. I don't know what I did wrong. I didn't eat anything that I thought would do that.

    It was a few days after I increased the threelac.. Do you think it was from doing that?? I still feel a little funny today.

    I will do some searching on here..

  8. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I ate at my in-laws...They have all the same things I have here at home. Just had steak, salad, and brocolli.

    The only thing different is her salad dressing, I think she makes it with a packaged italian seasoning. Now that I think about it.. I don't know what else she puts in it.

    But I kinda felt funny before I ate there.

    I still don't feel the greatest. I was feeling really good. Bums me out..
  9. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I have always wondered about the chemical thing..

    My Mom did hair when she was pg with me.. Then I was in a playpen watching her do hair. She did hair in our basement for years while I grew up..

    Then I went to school.. I work in my own salon.. With no venalation for a long time.. Now I work in my basement with no venalation. I don't work but one or two days a week now.. But still I have been exposed to all of it my whole life.

    I now worry about my kids.

  10. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I am going to the whole food store again tomorrow.. Can you think of anything I should pick up??

    Any suggestions will do...
  11. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    All I have so far is the garlic and pard'arco. I haven't started either one.

    You had said to start with the pard'arco..I will here soon. I just haven't been feeling well. So I was nervouse to start it.

    I can write those things down and picked them up so I have them.

    I'm still playing with the shake... LOL
  12. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I was looking at your post about the shake.. I see that it says only 1TB of flax for men. Is that right?? And I wonder why??

    I have been putting 2 in my husbands..I guess tomorrow I will only put 1. OPS!!LOL I don't think it will hurt him.
  13. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Should I pick up some digestive enzymes?? I was reading through the e-mail that they sent after I ordered the threelac and it said if you are still having gas and bloating to get some digestive enzymes.

    I don't think it would hurt to try it.. What do you think?? Or am I just needing to avoid some more foods??

  14. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I have been doing the aloe and lemon thing for a while now.. Do I still need the other stuff along with it??

    My husband has been doing the shake now for about 5 days.. When I make it the next time I will make it the way it is suppose to be. I was making it like mine. I do think he has been a little more mellow. He gets really tense! Especially now that he's not drinking.

    What should I do.. Just take something for about a week before I add a new thing?? I get nervous because of how sentitive I am to everything.

    I will look at the digestive enzymes.

  15. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    clense... or support. Do you still do the aloe and lemon everyday and take a liver support?
  16. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Well I'm heading off to go shopping.. I will let you know what I find..

    It is absolutly beautiful here today!! There's no school.. so we are going to see my husband at work and do a little shopping.

    Talk to you later!
  17. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thanks so much for repeating yourself over and over..I am sorry that you do have to do that.

    One of these days when I can think a little better it will all sink in.

    You really are great!!
  18. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I got 3 books.. All about yeast. One is more of a cookbook.

    I was glad to find some pancake recipes to make my kids. They love pancakes.. I just don't know what I will do about the syrup.

    I also found some yeast free waffles.. Made with brown rice. They love waffles too.

    As I skimmed through some of the books.. It is all about everything you keep telling us...Shocking I know right!!LOL

    I am looking forward to sitting down and getting some ideas there too.

    My PMS is kicking in!! Feeling pretty crappy!! It's going to be a long couple of weeks.

  19. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I use real butter.. I started that a while ago..

    I am proud of myself.. I made the kids those waffles for dinner.. I had picked up some organic unsweetened applesauce.. So I put a little butter and the applesauce and then sprinkled some cinnamon on them..They loved them!!Said they tasted like doughnuts..

    I was so happy. My son is doing so good at excepting the new foods.. But my daughter is so stubborn.

    I also got some natural toothpaste.. Without floride. My Mother inlaw was all over me to get some without floride. I didn't know it was bad.

    It is so expensive to eat healthy..

    Tonight for dinner I made some brown rice.. Then I had picked up some frozen organic veggie mix.. I had some organic chicken already made in the fridge. So I cooked the veggies with a little olive oil and lemon.. pepper.. red pepper.. garic and sea salt. Added the chicken and serve over the rice.. Pretty good.. Little salad on the side.

    We'll see how my husband likes it. He usually cooks stuff from scratch better than me..
  20. Tantallon

    Tantallon New Member

    Hope you don't mind me interloping but I seem to have no order for the sups I am taking, maybe now I will get more organised with the regime I am using.

    Thanks for the info Stormyskye


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