stool results back leaky gut, e.coli, candida

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    I have just got the results of my stool analysis back and they are as follows (I'll just list the abnormal ones):

    Highly lacking in the good bacteria physiological e.coli and I need to replace it with vials from the lab for 3 months

    E.fergusonii & Haemolytic E.coli - very high and have been advised to take 2 oregano oil capsules a day for 3 months

    Have a few fungal spores meaning I am likely to have some candidia

    Gut secretory IgA - on the low edge of normal and indicate a low immune response or a leaky gut so have been advised probiotics and glutamine.

    I have been taking a digestive Aid with every meal for a few months now along with probiotics and glutamine but I guess I have to increase it and also add in the oregano oil and even more diet restrictions and find out what I'm intolerant to.

    So I often wonder if all my supplements have been going down the drain too!

    Anyone know any good juice recipes for leaky gut that won't affect the candida?

    Any comments would be great - thanks
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    There is not a shred of proof that candida is the cause of CFS.

    It is a leftover vestige from the days when there were no MDs that would take us seriously.

    The legit research these days is looking at HHV6 (Montoya, Stanford), protein misfolding in the brain (Baraniuk, Georgetown) and genetic abnormalities.

    I did the brutal Candida diet and antifungals ten years ago with no result whatsoever.

    Don't waste your time.
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    Hi jofms,

    Oh good, I was waiting to hear your results. We have many of the same symptoms, but still these tests show different results in all of us.

    I did the candida diet, too, on my own and with what I thought were the right supplements. Then, after my stool analysis showed several kinds of yeasts, and some other baddies, I got on a low carb diet, with plenty of anti-inflammatory enzymes and betaine hcl and saw my yeast and worse symptoms decrease dramatically in two months. I did another test to confirm that the yeast was gone. I used only diet and supplements. My mistake was not using a real health expert which means somebody educated in nutrition and supplements, NOT a medical doctor. A medical doctor will make digestion and gut dybiosis worse if he tries to treat them.

    You won't get a proper diet or supplement recommendation about yeast or gut dysbiosis from a medical doctor. They will use stuff like drug anti-fungals and they will not use probiotics. You can't treat a poorly functioning gut and immune system with drugs - that will make you worse.

    I wasted over a year of time and hundreds of dollars worth of supplements trying to treat my own guts by myself. If you don't get the proper tests done and don't have someone to interpret them properly and recommend the diet and supplements your body needs, then it will be a waste of time.

    The juices you can use would be green ones, including cucumber, and use a bit of lemon or lime juice to help buffer the green, grassy taste. I don't really have a specific recipe, it's a taste you have to get used to since all the sweet things are out like fruits and carrots. I was doing spinach, swiss chard, lettuce, cucumbers and parsley. The lime made it drinkable, but it's not scrumpdillyumptious!

    I did the oregano, too, it was part of the detox pak I took everyday. I also used Dysbiocide, a yeast killer. I didn't cheat at all on the diet and that's why it worked on the yeast. But I still have bad bacteria to starve out, so the yeast is just part of it. I've been on the diet almost 6 months now, and continually improving. I won't stop it until the tests show I can.
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    It would take a huge committment.. but this my next step if all else fails.....(currently getting amalgams removed, yeast diet /nystatin... testing through great plains labs, and then re-treating for lyme via herbal protocol).Low carb/no grain/no sugar/no alcohol diets seem to help me ALOT.

    Research the SCD- specific carbohydate diet---currently used for colitis/crohn's -originated for that. (Check out "breaking the viscious cycle" diet for crohns etc. book feedback section in Amazon). Also being used by neurologist in UK to treat autism and immune system disorders in adults (GAPS -gut and pscyhology syndrome diet).

    Big committment.. but might be the root of all our issues. 80% of immune system starts in the gut supposedly.

    GAPS theory fits my family--mother with FMS/IBS ,sister colitis, sister interstitial cystitis ( toxic urine in GAPS adults and autistic kids), newphew with autism spectrum disorder. Flora is passed at birth from you to your mother. improper flora sets you up for alife of gut dysbosis. SCD helps reset that. Kills bad bacteria , yeast etc. living in the gut by starving of them of sugar essentially.

    Do your own research on SCD and GAPS theory.... this is just a bit of what I've learned.
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    Forgot my diagnosis.. FMS 10 years ago (improved after low car diet-blood type for O-- and supplements moducare sterinol), then 2 years ago optic neurits with vision loss the new neurolgical sypmtoms... IGENX lightly positive for Lyme.........was REALLy sick 1 year ago even after doing herbal lyme protocol for 8 months.. doing better now on LDN, candida treatment, removing amalgams , Ashok's amydala retraining. Will continue on mercury removal (docs say can't get rid of yeast until mercury is gone), yeast treatment and diet , mercury detox when amalgams gone.. and then if necessary repeat herbal lyme protocol, possibly abx, and possibly SCD as next dietary step ( just very difficult since I occasionaly have to travel/fly for work). You have to prepare your food and yogurt 100% from scratch all of it. .no sugar allowed and sugar is in EVERYTHING even things you think have none if you eat out.
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    Crash-Course-In-Dysbiosis: Simplified

    Stomach acid
    plays a big part in breaking down the food we eat. Hydrochloric acid and bile acids are needed to maintain a proper balance of gut flora, as well as liberate key nutrients such as B-12. My research points to these insufficiencies as the seed in development dysbiosis, malabsorption and possibly leaky gut issues down the road.

    We need Hydrochloric acid and bile acids to maintain a proper balance of gut flora, as well as liberate key nutrients such as B-12.

    The TRUTH about Stomach Acid!

    Intestinal permeability can open the door to autoimmune conditions and immune system dysfunction. There are many factors that can cause a Hydrochloric acid and Bile acid deficiencies.

    Intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can be the underlying cause for many of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. These bacteria can be aerobic as well as anaerobic. SIBO can lead to a overproduction of toxins such as D-lactic acide, Hydrogen sulfide, Acetaldehyde and Endotoxins. These toxins can impair the brain causing fatigue and mitochondrial damage.

    Dysbiosis, Inflammation, Autoimmunity: Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Sjogrens syndrome

    Bacterial cellular debris
    can stimulate the production of endogenous interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor. Endotoxin such as (LPS) can cause inflammation and Mitochondrial dysfunction associated with many common life treating diseases we see today.

    Yeast overgrowth can also produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that can bind to the mitochondrial enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, part of the electron transport chain. This can also impair oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production. Hydrogen sulfide is a neurotoxin and metabolic poison and can cause fatigue, muscle pain and dyscognition.

    Dysbiosis may only be part of a bigger problem as many infections can become multi-systemic through out the body. -aka- (Molecular mimicry)

    Key Links
    • Hypochlorhydria lack of stomach acid - can cause lots of problems (Link)
    • The 4R Gut Healing Program (Link)
    • Active B12 therapy and methylation FAQ (Link)

    Stool Testing Info:


    I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that endotoxins from gram negative infections may need more testing and research. We now can test for the presence of antibodies to the LPS antigens in the blood.

    See more here: Lipopolysaccharide | Cyrex Labs

    -This concludes my broadcast for now. Never give up the fight!