stool tests_ what should I do???

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    I have a stool kit from the hospital that I have not
    yet used. My GP ordered it because I have symptoms
    of IBS and I asked for one of the IBS meds. She would not give me anything because they are "dangerous."
    I have never heard that before. She said they could
    make me constipated! Big deal! I would love that!
    I am not stupid and if a med bothered me I would
    not take it again. I have an appt with a GI at the
    end of August and was told to ask my GP for
    meds to hold me over.

    Here's my dilemna;
    I really want Great Smokey Labs for stool analysis;
    I asked my chiropractor if it was true that Great
    Smokey Labs is superior. He said definitely it is
    and not to bother with local hospital tests.

    Right now, I see my endo tomorrow; I am
    trying to get my mother psychiatric care; I have
    an infected toenail and my neck and back are
    bothering me from my fall. I see the Lyme dr.
    next week. I am barely holding it together.

    I do not know whether to do the hospital stool
    testing or not. I don't know how difficult it would
    be to get the GP to use Great Smokey Labs.
    My chiro said he would order them for me but
    thinks they would be more expensive through
    him and I should try an md.

    I do not have it in me to argue with the GP.
    I want the Smokey Labs done. I want
    the least hassle. I don't like the GP
    and I am too tired to think for myself at this
    point. I can probably get something from
    the endo tomorrow. Maybe I can ask him
    about Great Smokey. I have too much to
    discuss with him.

    Could someone with a brain please tell me
    what I should do about this? Thanks,
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    the great smokies are supposed to be the only ones that find some of the stuff like yeast that other labs do not find... I would try to hold out and get the great smokies lab test. I think i recall reading on the great smokies internet site that you can get a kit from them directly..but not sure....

    i know this isn't much help but I am too tired to think much more also...

    good luck..
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    Hi Applyn,

    This lab has a great reputation and has been in business for a long time..I had a stool testing with them about l8 years ago...I would go with their testing..

    I hope you can relax, a little, and breathe deeply..Also, myself and many others have found that OLE was very effective for IBS symptoms..

    Hope this helps,
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    I suffered with IBS for years and lived on a couple of drugs that barely helped me manage. I was not on the really dangerous one, but people died from it and it was recalled. If I'm not mistaken it was recently put back on the market.

    If your hospital stool test is covered by your insurance, go ahead and do it. Just don't expect it to replace what Great Smokies tests for. However, if you have to pay any out-of-pocket for it, don't bother with it.

    Also, neither your GP nor your Endo is likely to know anything about Great Smokies and are even less likely to order tests from them. Bascially, they are taught that these tests are bogus, so why on earth would they order them. Even if they did agree to appease you and order such: 1. they wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to read them and 2. they wouldn't think the report's content was of any importance since they don't even believe what it reports as problematic to be a problem in the first place.

    Unless things have changed, Great Smokies does not let individuals order their own tests (perhaps it has changed so don't just take my word on this). You need to go to their website, which is GSDL (with the standard prefix and suffix) and ask for a physician referral in your area.

    Good luck,
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    I would follow her advice cause she seems like she is thinking straight...LOL. Take care and let us know what you decide. Hippen
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    Lynn, A few years ago I had c-difficile which causes profuse diarrhea. Your GP might be testing for that along with a couple of other common bacterial infections. The hospital lab would have the results back in a day or so. With Great Smokies (I've used them on several occasions) it'll take longer. If it's a bacterial infection you need treatment. Also when you get the analysis at Great Smokies make sure you have a competent doctor review it. I prefer a doctor who treats with conventional as well as alternative. Just my preference.

    Best wishes

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    I had my stool tests ordered by my allergist & done at Great Smokies; I believe it was all covered by insurance though don't quote me on that; I had so many tests done, but I believe the only one not covered was my hair analysis, done at a different lab.

    Where are you located? Have you gone to the Great Smokies website? I haven't checked, but will; I'm hoping they have some kind of doctor referral section....

    You should have this done by G.S. labs; made a big difference in my dx & treatment.

    Good luck,

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    My GP did order the test you mentioned, along with a few others. I guess my concern is that if I do
    the ones from the hospital that my insurance won't
    cover the ones' from Great Smokey.

    I did go to Great S. and got referrals. There is
    one naturopath in town who uses them. However,
    my chiropractor, whom I trust with my life, is willing
    to order them for me. He just said though that he
    thinks it would cost more because he is not an
    md. I should look into that.

    Still haven't decided what to do. The stool kit from
    the hospital is missing the scoop and also has
    to be returned within four hours. I have to make
    sure I can coordinate everything 0 - including
    having my bowel movements before the lab closes!!!!
    Plus, getting to the lab, etc.

    Thanks for the input.

    PS These tests as far as I know are because
    I told her that I have so much diarrhea and wanted
    something from her to help me. I told her
    I have an appt with the GI at the end of August
    and they said my GP would give me something.
    I asked her to test for candidas and I do not believe
    she did unless it is covered within one of the tests.
    I researched my hospital tests online and none
    mentioned yeast.