Stop Meds!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rbtheidmanhabs, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. rbtheidmanhabs

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    Has anyone ever stopped taking their meds because they don't feel like they are helping them?Well that's how I feel.I don't want to do this anymore I have had it.I am sick every day.I hurt all the time.I can't go no where or do anything.How would you all feel.I can't go up and down the stairs because of my breathing so I spend most of my time in bed.
  2. Mikie

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    It is important to be under a doc's supervision before stopping many of our drugs. Perhaps you are no longer benefitting from your meds. It might be time to look at what you are taking and make some changes. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. healing

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    Bob, I so understand how you feel. My meds made me sick too. Now I am almost entirely on supplements, homeopathics and herbal remedies (under my doctor's supervision) and feeling much, much better, in every way.

    I still take Neurontin for sleep and pain, but I have very few negative reactions to it (mainly an occasional upset stomach) and very great benefits.

    I am looking into oxygen therapies, use my chi swing (which has really helped me) devotedly, and make myself keeping moving, even if it is only from the bed to the chair to the bathroom to the bed, etc.

    I will start a new longterm course of penicillen this week. I am feeling so much better that I believe I can cope with the impacts on my system.

    Try to find a doc who uses alternative treatments while weaning yourself (under your doc's supervision, of course) off the heavy medications.

    Also, don't lose faith. Treatment of this disease is a matter of constant finetuning, tweaking and work work work to find the right combination of things that will benefit you. There is a combination out there for you -- don't give up!