STOP sinus problems once and for all...I swear by this

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  1. achy

    achy New Member

    I keep seeing posts about sinus trouble.
    This IS THE ONLY THING that worked for me after 20 years of constant sinus problems....quick easy and cheap. My sinus Cat scan showed my siunuses were completely opaque (closed up) and I was facing surgery. My ENT tried everything.and said I had no chice but surgery. Well, long story short, after 1 month of doing this every day my sinues are clearing, I don't need surgery.....this is certainly cheaper, it won't hurt you, so what do you have to loose?

    go to the store and buy a sinus rince bottle,
    most drug stores have them...or even sinus rinse kits.
    Also buy
    quart bottle
    canning salt (table salt won't work)
    and baking soda

    Fill quart bottle wiht lukewarm water ADD
    2 tsp salt
    1tsp baking soda
    shake well

    pour 6-8oz of water into sinus bottle
    bend head over sink and squirt water into one side of nose, it will drain out the other side...then rince out other side
    do twice on each side...sniff a little, then blow nose wiht MOUTH OPEN!!! I quarantee you that after 2 weeks of doing this once a day you will feel better than you ever have in your life!!

    There is enough in quart bottle to last a week or so..I just leave bottles next to sink and do every nite before bed..gets all the gunk of of nose, you'll sleep great and won't wake up all stuffy.

    Trust me....
    Warm fuzzies
  2. sofy

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    when I do this it is very painful and my head immediately starts throbbing and when I look at myself in the mirror I am all red a swolen looking. This passes after a few minutes but wondering if you experienced the pain while doing the rinse.

    It does unclogg the blocked sinus for a few hrs so I am trying to be tough.

    PS: I use distilled water and natural sea salt that has been air dried. Be sure to wash the container you insert into your nose each time.

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  3. JP

    JP New Member

    I do this great for me!

    Thanks for the share...Jan
  4. PJB

    PJB New Member

    Would Sea salt be ok?
  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    change in your symptoms..and are useful when you are especially congested and sinuses are blocked..But to stop this from happening, the only supplement that has been so effective for sinus blockage and mucus/migraine triggered by allergies is OLE (Olive Leaf Extract)..
    for me and many others..but the above is helpful as an adjunct to OLE...

    To better breathing,
  6. darlamk

    darlamk New Member

    What is a "sinus bottle" Can I just use a squeeze bottle with a pointed tip? Or dig out a bulb syringe (like used with babies)? Thanks for the tip. I am so sick of the yucky drainage. My last xray showed NOTHING but I sure have headaches and post nasal drip! I ran out of OLE and plan to get more when I have the $ - I did notice an improvement with it
    Thanks again,
  7. Shirl

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    I do about the same thing you describle, but I use an eye dropper and sea salt.

    Also for an added benefit, drink half your body weight in OUNCES of water every day, along with a quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt throughout the day.

    Have had sinus attacks/headaches for 15 years, now I only get one now and then...............

    Shalom, Shirl
  8. achy

    achy New Member

    My ent said no sea still has additives in it...that may be why you are having the reaction.He says only canning salt. It is pure salt. The mixture is almost exactly the same as sea water.

    A sinus rince bottle is a small 8 oz bottle, wiht a straw and a screw on top that is squeeze the bottle and the solution squirts out..about $3-5 at store.


    you can pour solution in your hand and gently sniff it into your nose. And eye dropper wouldn't have enough force to drain it out the other nostril.

    THAT is the trick.
    you want the solution to come out the other is a wash...not a rinse like the saline solutions you get in the little bottle to moisturize the nose. Whn it drains out the other side you are rincing all that gook out.
    It feels funny at first, but I am almost addicted to it. It feels so good now!!

    Warm fuzzies
  9. Suze

    Suze New Member

    Neti pots are made for this purpose. They look like Aladdin's lamps. My health food store sells them in a couple of sizes.

    I never tried it with baking soda, though. I was told to use non-iodized salt.