stop smoking will I feel better?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by swiss, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. swiss

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    I have been smoking for 7 years. I am wondering if those of you with CFS who stopped smoking feel better? And better in which ways?

  2. rockgor

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    feel any better, but then I only smoked a pack a week.

    Those natural cure patches have proved helpful for some of our posters.

    One poster said her FM pain when away when she stopped smoking.
  3. cjcookie

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    smoker but I thought I'd post to give you some encouragement.

    This is the best example I can give to show how smoking hurts someone. My Grandma lived to be almost 104 (she died 13 days shy of her birthday). Her sister is 100, another brother died at 99, another sister is now 90 and very very healthy and the babies are in their early 80s. The only sibling that died "prematurely" was the one that smoked. He had emphasyma (sp?). Based on the longevity there, I think he probably died 15-20 years earlier than the others did or will.

  4. hugs4evry1

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    I quit smoking back in April (I think, I didn't take note of the exact date) and I do feel better.

    But I did a lot of other small steps to help me out of this debilitating flare that has lasted 2 years.

    That's 2 years of bedbound/housebound barely ever getting out, had to quit driving, get handicapped parking sticker etc....type of flare.

    I feel better, I feel better about my health and the possibility of gaining some measure of a new normal. I feel like there's hope now that I'm not poisoning myself on a daily basis.

    I was a very heavy smoker, over 2 pks a day and I've smoked for 30 years.

    Although I did quit smoking there are many other changes I've made in my life to help myself feel better. I've written about them in a post called "my road to wellness".


    Nancy B
  5. Marta608

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    Well, for sure you'll gain weight. lol

    I feel healthier somehow but I can't say I have more energy or less exhaustion after quitting smoking. That's probably because nicotine raises serotonin. No matter, Michele, be proud of cleaning up your lungs! I am. And think of how much better we smell and how much money we aren't spending!