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    I just recently stopped ambien after several years-had quit working several months ago. Feeling so much pain and fatigue now. I take other meds to sleep now. Thing was for months I had been having to take lorazepam to settle down to get to sleep after taking ambien-stupid wasnt it. I feel so bad now I am almost tempted to take a smidgen during day to see if it would help. The hours i spent awake after taking it I was in no pain no fatigue,alert and bottomless pit in stomach. Anyone ever tried this? CAROLYN
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    I am sorry you're having a rough time!

    What you said does not sound stupid. I take Ambien SR and still take melatonin to help me sleep. While I do think Ambien doesn't work as well as in the past, I was surprised, when I didn't use for a few night's, how much worse sleep was. It sounds crazy, I know!

    I am also on Klonapin and Trazadone, and sleeping still eludes me at times. Have you talked with your doctor? At this time, not thrilled with mine, but maybe an idea.

    I'm not a doctor and have no idea what they would suggest. It it were me, I might try it again and see if you notice a difference.

    Good luck..

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    I stopped ambien two months ago after being on it for 4 years. Withdrawal is not fun at all. I will have a good week and then a bad week of achiness and bed rest. I tried the taking a smidgen and I was so sick the next day!!! My advice is to try to stick with it a little longer. If you google "ambien withdrawal" and get on the Topix forum, people there will tell you it will take maybe 6 months or more for withdrawal. I am hoping this gets better soon. Good luck!!
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    thanks for replies. I have no way of knowing whether feeling is from stopping ambien or just same old cfs symptoms. Ive been housebound for 20+ YRS. This has dropped my function level here at home to spending more time on the couch. When family members ask what Ive been doing I usually say -my job -holding down the couch I was taking 5mg ambien plus 10mg amit. and lorazepam. Now i take amit and 1 to 1.5 mg lorazepam. I know that one can build a tolerance pretty quickly with benzo til more will be needed for sleep. Still worry about this
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    now I am so weak,lifeless and drowsy from I assume lorazepam dose 1 to 1/2 mg. but it could be from stopping ambien. I still miss being able to take ambien because I knew that no matter how bad I felt I could go to sleep at night. with lorzepam it may work and may not. I still have nights where I am up for three hr. or more after taking itjust venting I guess. thanks for reading. carolyn
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    I just became active again on this board and I cannot find anything even ambien that helps my sleep except melatonin. That's because my pineal gland is calcified and doesn't produce melatonin anymore. It is very necessary to regulate sleep patterns so if you are not producing enough of melatonin you have to replace it and nothing else seems to work for me either. I have alot of deficiencies and a long way to go before I even start to feel better!

    It's hard to find a doctor unless they are an integrative specialist, that knows how to treat this stuff. Things that seems so logical to us are not to main stream medicine!! I'm sure they know better, but have been taught so differently that they just keep us sick(bandaid effect) and not get to the underlying problems.

    Sorry for jammering too much, I just haven't had anyone to talk to that understands.

    I pray for us all to have renewed health for the NEW YEAR!!