stopped asking "what else can happen"

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  1. hdw

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    my name is heather mayfield. i have IBS/CFS/FMS/EBV...
    I am 28 yrs old and like the rest of you am tired of being SICK and tired, i use to be the captain of the cheerleading squad. anyhow, i was wondering if anyone has ever had an unexplained layer of skin grow over their eardrum more than once? i'm being sent to STANFORD for this, my email is HDW121@YAHOO.COM

  2. shell

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    Hi Heather,

    I have never heard of that but just wanted to give my support to you... I m 29 with same as you above... HOLD IN THERE!!

    Take care..
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    I have no answers to your question but do want to send out a caution. Please rethink the wisdom of putting up your real name and email address. It crosses the safety net line of safe www net using. Just hit edit under your name on the post and then go in and delete those two.
    I welcome you but the mother in me cant help doling out the safety warning.
    If you want to be notified about answers to your questions, when you post there is a box to check off for that and a message will be sent to you everytime you get a response. If not you can hit "view" (upper rt. corner) your profile and then click on the message you want to see if there are responses to.
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    Wellcome Heather,

    I have never heard of skin growth over the eardrum. You should try doing a search online and see what comes up. If you ever need to chat or have questions you can email me (my email is in my profile, just click on my name to the left). Everyone hear is very helpful and supportive you come to the right place.