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    i am new to this chat. i was wondering if anyone had a problem with not being able to wear a watch. they stop working when i wear them. my husband purchased new batteries and two new watches after that. they all stopped on me. i think it may be related to my fm. any thoughts?
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    Hi, boy, this is a new symptom for Fm-ers to figure out. (Laughing)

    Sure got me...some people do have electromagnetic currents that seem to interfere with things mechanical or electronic, though.

    I had a friend who turned off tvs, lights, music, lots of things whenever she walked into a room. had to be always fixing one of her electronic components!

    Keep on "sparkling", or whatever it is you do...I really don't think its the FM :)

    Hope we hear from you again...
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    so what did your friend do? i am serious. what do u think it is?
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    I've done this my whole life, but it got worse after coming down with FMS/CFS. My mother did the same thing and I believe she suffered from FMS/CFS too. Only they didn't call it Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigfue Syndrome back in the 50's and 60's. They said she was "depressed, suffered from hypochondria" and was also diagnosed with what they called, "Battle Fatigue." (I always thought that was weird, she was never in a battle, except with the doctors who kept telling her her aching muscles, joints, "muddy headed feeling" (fibro fog), etc. was all in her head).

    I have "fried" wireless phones, computers, light fixtures, blenders and microwaves with the mere touch of my hands when I am in a flare. I've also walked underneath streetlights and have them go out, as well as overhead flourescent lights in grocery stores, which usually flicker and go out as I walk under them, but then flash back on after I've passed by.

    I can wear digital watches without problems. The watches with the hands on them, whether old fashioned wind up or battery operated, always stop on me, usually after experiencing a sudden emotional shock, fear or while having a painful flare. I have a friend who does the same thing, which started after she began experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms and was finally diagnosed after 3 years of suffering.
  5. i have this problem too.i cant wear watches as i ..drain the battery..and the watch stops working.

    i wrote a reply to a post just the other this post i told of a stay i had in hospital,and nurses wouldnt make my bed because they got painful electric shocks from touching the bedsheets that id just got out of.also my dog doesnt like me to touch him,as i gave him electric shocks too,bless him.

    today,over here in the uk.on our top early morning news programe,my husband heard the story of someone over in the states inventing a device that stops migraine attacks instantly.

    i have always thought that my lifelong suffering from migraine headaches,could be due to some sort of electrical charge that runs havok in sufferers brains.

    anyway tests have been carried out on migraine sufferers with a device that is placed at the back of the head during a migraine attack.

    this device sends 2 electro magnetic impulses into the brain,and it stops dead the thing..(cant think of its name).but its a kind of electrical malfunction in the brain that triggers the migraine attack.

    so this device with its impulses,stops the migraine straight away.isnt that fantastic sends two impulses to our brain,then the migraine goes away.

    my husband heard that 200 more people are being tested with it,and then this device will be made smaller,as its a rather bulky looking thing just now,and it will then be onsale to the public.

    i for one am going to start saving up for it right now.and hopefully in my future,migraine headaches will be a thing of the past..just think no more violent vomiting attacks,weird flashing shapes in our eyes...and no headaches from hell..

    wouldnt it be fantastic news if we find that,because we can stop the migraine attack,our brain can mend itself and that fibro fog brain goes away.

    last year a news channel over here said there was proof that migraine attacks,over time, could cause some brain damage.i live for the day that my memory problems might be fixed,and ill be able to enjoy reading a book again,and actually retain the story in my head.

    kind regards

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    I'd first make sure your husband doesn't spend too much money on these watches, lol. But seriously, I'm a nursing student and one of my classmates has the same problem. She doesn't have fibro that I know of, however, when I first met her she had told the class how she is always stopping watches. We joked about it of course, but it's true, she goes through watches like water.

    I don't think it's a symptom of fibro, I think it's just something that some people experience for some unknown reason. But, it's nothing to be concerned about.

    Gentle hugs,
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    Fossils are the only ones I can wear. Unfortunately they are expensive, 50 to 80 bucks or more, and it costs about 30 bucks to have the battery changed.

    When I wore a Timex it would gain up to 10 minutes a day. Sometimes you could actually watch the minute hand move, I think that must have been when I was in a flare.

    My daughter used to buy me Guess watches but I couldn't keep them going either. They would either gain time or quit.

    If the wind up watches were still available that is what I would try. You might have better luck with them because they have no battery. I have a Mickey Mouse one from 1971, but it has never been wond, wound, winded, ok how do you spell that? It is still in the original box and has never been out of it. So I can't try that one!