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    I have been downtrodden for 17 years with fibromyalgia and it is a challenge of working out what works and sticking to it. I haven't found many panaceas that way but it doesn't do to relent and stop experimenting.

    My latest experiment is to stopwatch my existence. The main problem I have being housebound a lot is to generate some structure into my days. A little motivation now and then wouldn't hurt either. But the problem I've found with any or every program I try is that of building in some feedback. Improvement may not be an option but at least the program I try may prevent and sustain a biological and psychological status quo.

    So I decided that aside from my standard activities of daily living, I'd measure my target activitives by recording them on a time sheet. People are different but I divide my core focus activities into: walking, reading, writing, sculpting and my local community activities.It wasn't that I set aims -- but by monitoring my capacity like this I learnt what i was capable of. At the end of each week, I tally up the figures and work out a daily average.

    To record these times I downloaded a stopwatch from off the web: This is a share ware program. It suits my needs very well.

    Even if I only do 5 to ten minutes of a target activity, it adds up. And each week's end I can tally the exertion up with a sense of satisfaction that really, I have done muvh more in the last 7 days than I thought.

    dave riley

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