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    Just a quick note, to note that mostly rain in the Sierras where I live. So far, no worse than the usual rainy season. In general, rain is much better than snow, because you don't have to shovel snow, and then show up at hospital with cardiac symptoms. Hope all is well, I'm fine. Cheers, your mr Bill
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    I remember shoveling walks as a kid. The neighbors paid me 25 cents. Sometimes
    there was so much snow, an hour later the walk needed to be cleared again.

    I think, all things considered (NPR), I'd rather shovel snow than water.

    Nowadays I'm too frail to shovel snow. Although for really big bucks, say 50 cents,
    I might be willing to try.

    I read "Sierras" means snowy mountains or jagged peaks or something along those
    lines. Although I haven't researched this point, I feel sure that somewhere there is
    a romance novel where the beautiful young heroine is named Sierra. Raised on
    her father's ranch in Wyoming or Montana and just waiting for some handsome
    cowboy or lab worker to cross her trail.


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    We are getting an ice storm here in the midwest. I have never tried to shovel ice.

    I don't have any salt or kitty litter, whatever you put on the sidewalks to melt the ice. I guess I could get my salt shaker and sprinkle some but isn't salt bad for the plants, grass, shrubs?

    The branches from my neighbors tree, keep falling on my roof. I thought it might be Santa. No such luck.

    Everyone stay warm or if you live where it is hot, stay cool. Okay, just be comfortable!!

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    Now you're going to wake up Mr. Abominable who is going to have a *now blizzard, worse than the one occuring now in Wisconsin!!!!

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry carefullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!

    He's awake now!!!

    Fight :)
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    ShreiK! FEAR! RUN to someplace warmer!!

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    LOLOLOLOL! Did you hear the ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????



    Fight :)
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    I just want to complain about the weather here where I live in the Northeast. First of all, I cannot stand snow. I only enjoy snow during the holiday season, and then I want it to go away. I live in a very rural area, and they do not salt the roads here. They only plow and put down cinder, which is supposed to make the roads less slippery. There are ditches next to most of the roads here, and there are many hills and bad turns. I have lived here now for 6 yrs, so I have gotten used to driving here in the horrible weather. I have gotten so good at it in fact, that when I get into the city (where drivers are so much more cautious and slow) I get frustrated because the roads there are never anywhere near as bad as they are by me, and yet no one knows how to drive on those roads.

    Anyway, I take 2 weeks of vacation around Christmas every year. I love to just sit in my house and watch the snow from inside my nice cozy warm house. But again this year, it only snowed once during my entire vacation. Then 2 days before Christmas, it warmed up - almost up to 45'! Then it rained on Christmas day and melted all the snow that we did have. For the 3rd year in a row, we had a "green Christmas". Yuck. Then of COURSE, the night before I was to return to work, we got a blizzard. It snowed non-stop, day and night for the next 2 weeks, and I had to drive in it to get to work. Why didn't that happen while I was off?

    Now I am on sick leave and of course, no snow. It stopped snowing the day after I got sick. And guess what? We are expecting really bad weather once again when I go back to work next week! ARRRGH! Oh and we have oil heat which is sooooo expensive. So when it's really cold, like it is now, we use up so much oil, and our wood burner only helps slightly with the cost. I REALLY HATE WINTER!

    This post probably makes no sense, but I needed to vent about the weather. :[
  8. fight4acure

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    Makes perfect sense to me dear!!!! That's how it happens here, but I haven't worked outside this home in a year. I do hate the high heat bill though. I house-keep and dog-sit for my cousin when he is gone, and he's gone often.

    I'm sick of this darn *now too! And the cold, if it wasn't so cold out, I'd love the *now, as long as it melted as fast as the next day or two. It rained here on Christmas Eve, and it was ugly *now because of all of the dirt that come up from the roads after several plowings, and when it rained, it just made the *now look an ugly gray color. Yuck! Then it *nowed on Christmas Day, but it was so icy too, and I nearly fell on my big rump a few dozen times, trying to load up my car and then unload it. I'll never wear dress shoes if I don't check the weather first, again. I'd been better wearing ice skates.... lol.

    You said the "S" word, which is a swear word in my book, lol. Now Mr. Abominable *now man is REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY AWAKE!!!! LOL!

    Fight :)