you buy plain Threelac of the the with oxygen

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    there are two on the site I can is plain threelac and the other says something like threelac oxygen plus?? What one did you use that you rec'd? Thanks so much, Love Shelbo
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    for shelbo!
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    Shelbo, I've also tried the Three Lac and must have been using it during the later part of my NAET treatments.

    I can remember using the oxygen drops and getting a nasty side effect, but just don't remember what it was, but I was reminded by my NAET doc to follow directions specifically as those oxygen drops are quite potent.

    I was using too many drops in not enough water and not mixing it up properly.

    As an aside, I've used oxygen drops several times since with no reaction whatsoever, but, number one, my body is not anywhere near as toxic as it was back then, and, number two, I'm really careful to use only a few drops in a large glass of water.