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    Storm, you are the yeast expert. For months I have had recurring sores in the corner of my mouth where lip joint is.

    At last, my dentist gave me a cream that cleared it up immediately, like in two days! The cream was Nystatin with cortisone. All other docs had dismissed it, yet it was painful and there on and off for a year.

    Also I get a sore BM and I think this is yeast too, although my doc says not. Yet I tried the same cream there and Voila! It is helping.

    Would you recommend Difulcan for the yeast? I saw one doc last year who told me he thought all my problems were yeast, yet the gastro completely dismissed him and said when he did my upper endo therev was no yeast present.

    Advice please????

    Love Anne C
  2. Cromwell

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    Using yoghurt and probiotic already. Use these ongoing but started a new probiotic about a month ago. Think I mentioned prior to you that I used to make my own goats milk yoghurt when we had the organic farm.

    How do they test for yeast?

    I do not want to take the Nystatin orally, is this what difulcan is? Don't mind using it as a topical very short term.

    I was always a big beleiver in Dr Crooks years ago too.

    What else could you recommend re testing (the gastro did a tissue sample and said no yeast overgrowth at all last December 2004) and what else to boost me a little as well as probiotics that I sprinkle on the yoghurt so I get good variety,pretty much daily(non lactose dairy).

    Tx Anne
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    It occurs to me this could also be mold that is causing it.
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    I have started eating plain yogurt at night. I have about 1/4 to 1/2 cup with some strawberries. But I've been having really bad gas. I'm wondering if A) I can't tollerate the yogurt or B) I should be eating smaller amounts at a time.

    what do you (or anyone reading this) think?

    I am starting probiotics next week with the help of my naturopathic doc.