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  1. deliarose

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    I see you said in one post, that you ate 6, SIX, servings of a green food supplment a day.

    Did i get that right?

    I'm using garden of life's green food supplments and it tastes indescribably awful, but if I thought it would help, I would swill it down all day.

    Do u think it made a difference? Could you tell?


  2. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    and I'm going to finish them because I paid for them. That's just the way I am. Cheap, I suppose.

    I hold my nose, and knock it back as fast as possible...

  3. foggyfroggy

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    I put mine in a smoothy made with 100% unsweetened grape juce as a base with lots of mixed frozen berries and a banana which makes it edible if you add only a teaspoon or two. It's the grape juice that's strong enough to do the trick. Sometimes I add plain yoghurt and some stevia.

    My mom uses green foods and swears pineapple juice will disguise nearly anything but I haven't tried it because pineapple juice makes my stomach hurt.

  4. deliarose

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    tnx for responding stormy.