Stormyskye, I would like to compare notes

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    Have been busy and not on the board much lately, but I also use a natural protocol (supplemented with homeopathy) and see a naturopathic physician. A lot of what you mentioned in your posts I have in my my daughter elderberry (when I can get her to take it...she likes how it turns her white yogurt pinkish-purple) for a nasty and stubborn fever/cough virus she got.

    You know of a few more things than what I am familiar with but that I may want to try (like the Pau d'Arco). In general, I'd just like to compare notes, as I would like some new ideas! Up for doing that sometime?

    Please let me know if we could chat or whatever. I have a lot I'd like to ask over a few minutes and don't want to clog up the board.

    Thanks so much for your time!
    Cinca :)
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    Honestly, chat would work out much better for me, if you can ever manage it. I am a "stay-home mom", so I have a good deal of free/"home" time at the moment.

    But for now, re: Pau d'Arco, is it more if you have signs of parasites or other nasty critters? Any risks if you are already healthy? Only AD sort of thing I just started taking recently was one month's course of SAM-e, on advice of my naturopath, hoping to try to balance my still screwed up sleep cycles and just to manage/shore up my body against all the stress/situational emotional roller coaster going on in my life with our recent move. It does seem to help a great deal with the exhaustion and mood swings, which is good. Not sure if the Pau would be contraindicated.

    Also, anything that has helped you maintain/stabilize your energy? Mine definitely goes in "cycles", and I absolutely have really good and really bad days. I'd like to try to normalize all of that as much as I could.

    I also need some good detox support, as my body has years of junk in it from numerous pharmaceuticals in the past and a lifetime of poor eating. I was a very picky eater, and my mom gave up and fed me junk. I am doing much better, but it is very hard to overcome at this point.

    Thanks for any info. you can give! I really appreciate it! Also, where's a good place to get the molasses for the shake? I have some good healthy groceries nearby, among them Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, as well as smaller specialty marts.

    FYI, a possible reason you probably can't chat using Internet Explorer is because your security settings are too restrictive. I can help you check and temporarily change those if you're interested, although they may be set that way for valid reasons that I don't want to disturb. Let me know.

    Lastly, thanks for bumping up your protocol thread. I was searching and couldn't find it earlier (think 'cause I looked at Stormyskye's instead of Stormyskyes or something like that). It's much appreciated!

    Take care,

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    Thanks for the info, Stormy! I'll have to check out Whole Foods or TJ's the next time I'm there. They have a good variety of pretty decent quality supplements. Anything else that has worked wonders for you, or was it, as I suspect, a combination of many things, including a healthy diet and lots of H2O?

    Thanks again!
    Cinca :)