Stormyskye..Milk thistle questions..

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    I went today to get my Milk thistle and didn't know which one to get. So I thought I would ask your opinion before I spent the money..

    They did not have one that was just milk thistle and dandelion root..They had them seperate...OR...They had one that was a liver clense with..
    Milk Thistle 200
    Goldenseal Root 100
    Red Clover Flowering top 100
    Artichoke Leaf 100
    Dandelion Root 100

    What do you think..I looked at 2 different places. So all I bought today was Aloe Juice. Let me know what you think..

    ALSO..I can not believe this!! I got home and for some reason I looked at the kids vit. I give them a complete everyday.. Well you should see the ingredients in them..TERRIBLE!! Every food color...Aspartame!...Hydrogentated oils.. No woder my son is having a heck of a time!!

    When I get back to get my milk thistle I am going to get the kids vit there..They should be better I would hope. They also had chewable acidophilus in srawberry.. I was thinking of getting those for the kids..instead of the threelac..Maybe they would like those better.

    Another thing.. Is Xylitol bad for us??

    That is cool that you got new dishes..WHo cares if they came from the dollar general..As long as you like them.

    I went shopping today by myself..I had to get away. But I felt awful the whole time..I have been having terrible headaches. I think I have a sinus infection. My eyes ache pretty bad. A lot of pressure on the right side of my face. What am I going to do if I do?? I really don't want to take an Abx.. Not after what the last 2 did to me.

    I had to get hair supplies, more groceries, and went to the vitamin store. I didn't get much and spent a bunch of money..I am spending so much money on groceries now..I can not believe it. I have to go about every other day. Between apples.. and salad stuff.

    My son is better..Thank God! BUT..I think my daughter is getting it.. She was freezing tonight and I took her temp. It was 99.9. That is how my sons started.

    I have to go to the dent. tomorrow AGAIN. I sure hope he has some answers for me..This TMJ thing is killin me.
    Between my TMJ, eyes, and sinuses.. My whole head just feels really bad.

    All I know is I am glad that my son is going to school tomorrow. Yeah! I should get a little piece and quiet..

    Oh..Remember all the itching I was telling you about..Well I am wondering if it is from certain things I eat..I am itching really bad tonight..I ate a sub from subway.. With wheat bread.. But I have had a few other things I haven't had for a while. I am going to have to start writing the itching thing down..Can an allergist test for these things?? I think I might call my sons allergist and just talk to the nurse about it.

    Sorry I am writing a book...I was thinking on my way home..It would be so much easier if I could just give you a call and talk.. But you would get real sick of me calling you all the time.LOL I sure hope you aren't sick of me on here..

    Thanks so much for always listening to me.

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    Can I take that on top of the paud'arco??

    I have been doing a little reading..What about grape seed extract.. Have you ever tried that??

    I would love to have an easier way to talk to you! I don't know how to go about that?? You would have to tell me what to do. I still think you would get sick of me!LOOOLLLOOLL!!

    I just really enjoy talking with you..YOu give me hope..You make me see things in a postivie way..You think of things that I don't..You make me laugh..I could go on and on..I'm thankful everyday that I found you to talk to.

    You have listed in the past the green food things.. But I want to start the milk thistle first and see how that goes and then I will get some..ONe thing at a time right??

    OH.. the Xylitol is in a natural nasal spray that my mother in law was telling to get for my self and my son. I'll just have to get some then.

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    You could do it kinda damp.. You don't want it real wet.. Are you going to do it yourself??
  4. SherylD

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    I start out with the hair dry.. I put the color on the out growth..leave that on the time it needs to be.(depending ont he volume of peroxide) Then I spray the hair with a water bottle just to get it damp and then I run the color through the ends and leave it on the rest of the time.

    Like I use 20 vol. So it has to process for 30 min. So I put it on the roots for 20 min then on the ends for another 10 min.

    I don't know how the box thing come?? Do you mix it??
  5. SherylD

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    Are you leaving it on long enough??..What vol. of peroxide are you using?? Try it like I said. Make sure you get your ends covered really good..I just glob it on. You will get light streaks if you don't.
  6. SherylD

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    Then it sounds like if it covered the gray ok.. Then you just need a darker or different shade.. Isn't that what you said you got??

    If you do it on dry hair and it doesn't make the hair all dried out then you should be fine. Doing it on damp hair would help with porosity...Just make it all even and the color wouldn't grab so much...So in other words.. just do it on dry if that is what you have always done and not had a problem.
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    I think you'll do just fine..YOu have done it before and been happy with it. And besides..It's just color. And it washes out in time right?? Once you find how you like it be sure to write it down so you can do it the same again.

    I have to take my computer in to get looked at again..It is still not right.. So who knows how long I will be with out it...So if you can't get me on here that is why..

    Steakin computers...LOL
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    Where is the to do list for this week?? Did you do one today??
  9. SherylD

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    I have to take my computer in tomorrow morning to have it looked at..

    I wish you had the fix for my TMJ to...I am kinda scares when they are talking MRI. I certainly hope there is nothing REALLY wrong..But yet something has to be wrong for me to feel like this all the time.

    It's one of those things.. You kinda hope something is wrong so they can fix it.. Or if nothing is wrong then what the heck is the matter??? I have lots of things going through my mind..

    And now after I said he could call all my drs. I am hoping they don't all tell him I am some kinda of know how some drs. are with this Dd.

    All I know is something needs to be done..I can't take it any more.

    Let me know how your hair turns out..To bad you don't live closer I would just do it for you.

    I was sitting on the couch listening to my son read tonight and after he was done and got up..I laid down and feel asleep for about 40 mins. Wow..Did that make a difference. I was able to get through all my night time things without my butt draggin.

    Take Care
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    They are really bad today...My neck feels like it wants to lock up..

    I need to go get a shower and see if that will help.

    I started drinking my cherry juice again a couple days ago..It usually takes about a week to notice things from that..When I did drink it all the time it did help with pain and I seem to have more energy.

    I quit drinking it though when I was having those really bad dizzy things around Christmas..

    Remember Jeanne was saying stuff about all the sugar in the fruit.. So I backed off on all my fruit. I have been eating some now and don't seem to have a problem.

    I took an echenecia and goldenseal root last night before bed and then one when I got up this morning...Maybe that will help if I do have a sinus infection..Which I'm sure I do. Plus I have been using that nasal spray I was telling you about..YOu never told me the name of the one you use..And where do you get yours??

    I use to always take ibuprofen for pain..But I am wondering if that doesn't make matters worse..I took some when I was having terrible cramps with my period..And it seem like I wanted to get a little constipated...So I quit taking it. I am probably going to have to take some today though..My head and neck are bad..I don't know what else to do...Asprin always hurt my stomach. I'll try to do some stretches..I never take the time to do them.

    I was suppose to go play walleyball last night..My husband always're going to be sorry. But the strange thing is..Last year when I would go I would feel weird while I was there and some of the things I would do would hurt. But the next day I would feel so much better. So I was bumbed, we didn't have enough people. And they just want to play 1 night a week. I would like to play like 2 nights. It's fun..I get out of the house.. and I get some excersie..and we laugh alot..So it is all so good for me.

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    I got my Moms computer..Mine is still in getting worked on..

    I can't believe that Jennifer had to have surgery again..I feel so bad for this girl..I hope she gets through it all ok.

    Did you ever color your hair???

    I took my son back to get rechecked at the Dr. Everything was fine.. Except his nose is still a little plugged..He is doing much better...

    But! My daughter always complains of a sore throat..So she looked her over and she wanted to do a strep test on her..I didn't have one done. She had no sons test was neg. I just think it would've been a waste of money.

    Anyways.. She said she has allergies also...Which I kinda figured. But she put her on singular for kids ages 2-5. We went to dinner and then I gave her one..THEN I was reading the ingred. It has aspartame! WHat the heck do they put it in everything??

    Soooo My son has been taking vits. with lots of food coloring...and aspartame..Plus his allergy meds. have it in it too. Cuz he has been on singular for a couple of years. I just can't believe it.

    So I went to GNC and got the kids some vit. I have been putting a little threelac in his shake in the morning...He don't even know it.

    I don't know what to do about the allergy meds. My son has only had luck with the combo he is on. I wasn't giving him the singular over the summer and he does great..Ever seems more himself. Makes me wonder..

    I think I will call his allergist tomorrow and talk to them about it.
  12. SherylD

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    With all his issues at school.. The ADD thing.. I have always said .. What if it's from all the meds. I've given him.. Well some of it might be.

    I am not giving my daughter any more of it. I'll figure something else out with her..I don't even want to start it. But she is no where near as bad as my son.

    It sure would be nice if some of their health issues would clear up..AND MINE! I wouldn't know what to do not having to go to the Dr. all the time.

    My actual jaw felt a little better today..But my neck is weird...Kinda numb and making my arms fell funny...STill had nasty headaches. Something is just not right..WHen I am cutting hair..I hold my comb in my left hand and I dropped it ALL the time..I never use to do that. I have been dropping it now for some time.

    I took a bunch of that echenecia and goldenseal yesterday. I think I took it 3 times. Still not as much as it said that you could take... But this morning my stomah was upset..I had to run to the bathroom a couple of times...But it was fine..It acutally felt good..LOL So today I just took it twice.

    I think it has already helped with my sinuses..Plus that nasel spray..I will try to look for the one you have at one of the health food stores. My Mother in laws I would have to order. Which I am going to still order too..

    I am going into a flea market this weekend and where I go they have a Trader Joes and a big vitamin store..I am hoping to stock up... STill looking for the milk thistle.

    STill haven't heard anything about Jennifer??
  13. SherylD

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    Maybe I would be better off just not giving them the multi vit and just give them the echenecia for a little while...go that route instead. They both eat really good. I give them a variety of foods....I am going to check into this med thing..

    I was thinking of having sister in law ask her homepathic dr. his oppion on it..Maybe there would be a remedy he could take for his allergies.

    I know..I do need to not worry about it all so much but I can't help it. They're my kids..I want them to be healthy..and not have to work so hard at school.

    So glad to hear Jennifer is doing ok.

    I have to work the rest of the day..Maybe I will see if you are here this evening.
  14. SherylD

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    Did your plumber come?? What was it that you needed??

    My husband is a plumber..LOL

    We could've really helped you out the last couple of days..I could've done your hair and he could've looked at your plumbing..LOL

    Did you have a good day??
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    I have been taking it now for a few days..But now I am getting that weird dizzy feeling..

    I don't know if it is from that or not...I am just so stinkin tried I can hardly stand it. I even went back to bed yesterday and that did not help at all. Now today it is so gloomy out..

    I also have been drinking my cherry juice again.. Which I think some of my pain has went away..I usually get more energy but I have not..

    I was taking the echinecia 3 times a day at first..then yesterday I only took it 2 times. Maybe it will take a couple of days..I do think my sinuses are better. So something must have helped.

    Plus for about 3 days now my stomach has been so bloated and gassy..I have been itching still a little too..I can not get this figured out..I don't get it..I have things wrote downn and I just can't put it all together..

    My headaches seem a little better though..I think my split is helping a little this time..Or it is the cherry juice...

    I wonder if I don't need to eat some sort of sugar..Or something..I usually have a little more energy than this.

    Sorry I am rambling..but it drives me nuts..
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    What a deal..We'll see if it's working or not..I had to have it wiped clean and reprogramed..Yeah! I lost everything! All my e-mails and everything. It really stinks!

    Yes I have been doing the shake everyday..But you know..It don't seem to be working like it did at first. I don't know what the deal is. I even woke a couple of times last night. I have been sleeping all night since I started it until last night..And my mood is terrible. I am really down...Been crying alot. Last night was bad..That is when I posted that thread about Why Me..

    Maybe I will have my sister in law look at my food log. See if she can come up with anything.. She is really good at stuff like that.

    My jaw seems a little better..My neck felt better til I got on here and started typing..

    If you are on here..Let me know maybe we can go to the chat room for a minute..

  17. SherylD

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    I got hot tonight...and my arms starting itching again..

    No..I haven't been craving sugar..I don't get it..
  18. SherylD

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    I can't get into the chat.. It is going to take some time to get my computer figured out..Maybe you could e-mail me sometime..
  19. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Are you around?? Where are you??
  20. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Please do.. I lost all of my stuff..

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