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    I'm hesitant to ask for you because I know your busy, and I don't want to come across as taking advantage of you with another I'll understand if don't answer.

    And it's not that I don't value anyone else because I'm open to's just that I trust your judgement and have known you for a couple of years from this board..

    So my one question is this but it might not come across clearly.. Why is it that whenever I take minocycline, (which I'm not on now), or pest fighters such as olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, astragulus, or pau d'arco, my back, shoulders and neck really start hurting bad?

    I'm just now starting to realize that if I stop taking the above mentioned, my pain in those areas almost go away...
    Let me clarify though that I'm not saying my fibro pain elsewhere stops nor does any of the other symptoms of fibro & cfs go away...

    It's just this neck & back pain that I've always gone to a chiropractor for, but now realizing it may have been a waste all these years.. It's hard to explain in few words but could it be that since I have always been on antibiotics most my life until 2 years ago, but then started the pest fighters, that it may have been that all along?? Again, this is a separate issue from the rest of the pain and symptoms...

    Since New Year's I've quit taking the pest fighters, and the back, shoulder, neck pain is bearable.. A couple of days ago I started taking a couple pest fighters again and immediately my bad pain in those areas are back. I've decided to quit once again tonight but was wondering if you could shed some light as to what may be going on?

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    I'm honored that you replied and I thank you for it...
    I read a lot of other post that you have written on and appreciate all that you say..

    I have been on probiotics for about a year and I take milk thistle, flaxseed oil, & fish oil too about that same period of time, give or take a few months..

    I also take your advice on the shake even though I'm not doing it quite as regular as I do other things.. The minocycline I have stopped for two years with maybe a day here or there of taking it. That's when I notice the pain being so pronounced. The same when I take the pest fighters too...They seem to coincide with the presence of that very same pain..

    Well thank you once again for your time and all your great advice.. I'm very happy for you that you have learned how to get better and that your willing to pass on your experiences and knowledge...Take care and continue good health!!!!!!!

    PS. Where do you get threelac from?[This Message was Edited on 01/16/2007]