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    I want an disclosures needed.

    I have not found but one doctor that agrees with supplements and that are my doctor's that treat CFS and they only have a few they suggest.

    Every specialist that I go too blames my supplements for my problems or warns me about them. There have been many times that I had been using prescription meds and had only recently added the supplements because the meds were not working for me. It is never their medications.

    Have you ever heard that the oil supplements, like Omega 3, Borage Oil, Co Q 10, & Flax Seed Oil could make GERD worse? I don't believe that he knows what he is talking about. He said there are no studies that any of these items have any benefit. He insist that I take the acid stopping meds which do help with the GERD but makes the IBS worse. I have stopped those supplements but I am going to start back.

    I am not asking you as a doctor but as someone that understands and knows about supplements. Have you any knowledge of how they would affect my digestice system in a negative way?

    I do not hold you responsible...just need an opinion.

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    I was using digestive enzymes with meals and probiotics(although non daily). The acid reflux keep getting worse. I had an esophageal stricture, a hiatial hernia, and had my throat stretched two years ago. I knew I was in trouble when the nausea was getting worse.

    I have tried 4 of the acid STOPPING meds and it just doesn't work for me because I need that acid for digestion. My bowels barely work and that is with help. I tried the aloe vera juice with lemon and have tried all the fiber foods, and colon cleanse but I actually have a problem with the colon. They have removed a section already and the gallbladder. I need that acid...just not in my throat and mouth.

    I've been eating very small amounts but I am going to revisit what I am eating. I have got to get my whole digestive track working.

    Thank you. I thought I was right.

    The doctors were rude and said if I wanted to have cancer in my throat just to continue. I was so upset with them and they with me.

    Actually a pulmonary specialist told me this. I have lots of problems with breathing with any exertion and he told me he did not want to run test until I tried the medication and quit my supplements. As my DH noticed, when I mentioned CFS/FM he got less patient with me. My chest scans show mod. COPD.

    I wish I could find a good specialists and PCP. I know I should but I do not have the energy yet I know how important it is to have people that believe in you. I always leave distressed.
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    Thanks. Actually I have severe constipation and I can not seem to get a handle on it. I have tried everything natural and prescription.

    I have always had problems. One thing that I thought about was food allergies and when they did exploratory surgery on my abdomen they found that large sections of the outside of my colon is covered in a fibrous tissue. They removed a 8 " section and the surgeon said it is just not normal. He said said the intestine should be thin and mine was thick and non functioning. Since it was not cancer as they thought, they think it could have been caused by scattered radiation when I had breast cancer ( the wonders of modern medicine). Now I am probably dealing with a lot of scar tissue also.

    When they take away the acid and they already took my gallbladder, it does not leave me with the acids I need to digest foods. I will try what you suggest. I saw the article on flax seed and how people with breast cancer and diverticulosis should not use it. I am just tired of dealing with all of it and if it will help my digestive system, I will try most anything.

    Is there an article on this board on juicing? I will add protein in lieu of grease. I have bought almonds like you suggest and eat those, beans, and some meat. Grease does not agree with me any longer. I have been drinking water with meals at room temp. I do need to make sure I drink enough though.

    All suggestions are really appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Great. I eat peanut butter with an apple many days. My new goal is to eat one apple per day. I just started adding olive oil flavored with garlic to some of the beans that I have been eating for protein. I did buy the virgin coconut oil and I use it if I fry eggs which is seldom. I have been eating the almonds as a snack and added into yogurt & fresh fruit. I have to get more raw foods into my diet.

    My DH buys the groceries nearly always. He is not very good at buying what we need. My goal is to be able to with him at least part of the time. It just takes all my energy. He does not know how to choose veggies and fruit too well. I try not to complain. His idea of a healthy meal is to have a Hawaiian pizza in lieu of a Meat Lovers.

    Also my cancer is in gone thankfully. It has been 9 years since my breast cancer and the other conditions have been precancereous. My body is messed up...and what I didn't do to it, the doctor's really finished it.

    Also just bought a green food powder supplement last week and have not tried it yet.

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    Good Morning!

    It's early here and I'm awake again. Waking early with congestion in my chest is also why I went to the pulmonary specialist.

    The coconut oil that I have is Garden of Life's Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Since I have do not can cook very little and do not fry very much how do get the oil in? I do drink a couple of cups of coffee in the morning. Could I add a little bit in it?

    I will start the Green Food tomorrow and will do it slowly. I have been thinking of buying fish krill oil and chlorella that is advertised in an email newsletter from Dr.Joseph Mercola. Do you know anything about him? His emails are interesting. These are two things that he suggests that will help so much.

    I have been trying to get the ingredients for the shake and all I lack is the whey. I finally got my DH to get some. I told him the cheap stuff but he came back with the other type of protein powder.

    I do am aware of the spoon theory and I totally understand it. I try to work within an energy envelope. I just do not have many spoons to work with now. I have to save them for my massage therapy, energy work, & now mental therapy. I have to be so careful. I should not complain about this because I know I am blessed to have someone to clean once a week but that day exhausts me and I am still wiped out the next day. When they learn about my home and I feel that I can trust them, it will help. I know it is strange but it sucks my energy but I can't stand to have it dirty or to have it cleaned.

    I honestly need a chair until I can get my body working better. It would give me the freedom I need to get to places that could help me and to places that I would enjoy again.

    Again I want to thank you for your time and knowledge.

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    I had 3 cups of coffee this morning and added the coconut to each....probably 1/2 teaspoon in each and am now feeling very nauseated and having abdominal pain. Is that normal?
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    I will try it with food. I was sick for a couple of hours and now I am much better.

    That explains why vitamins are making me feel sick also.

    Thanks again.