Stormyskye, question!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phoebe1, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Hi Stormy,

    I followed your advice and started taking aloe vera juice, the one I bought is a yellow thick gel that I put in water.
    The bottle says take one tablespoon before each meal and again before bed, I take one tablespoon in the morning, before supper and before bed.
    I started on sunday, about an hour after the second dose I was overcome by nausea (didn't vomit)and felt miserable.
    It hasn't happened again, but I also haven't had a BM yet, how long does it take to work?
    I'm going to wait for my stomach ulcer to go away before I add lemon.

  2. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Hope you see this Stormy!
  3. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Well, it's thursday already and I'm still waiting for that long awaited BM, sorry that sounds gross!
    I do move around alot at work, but I'm so busy that I don't get enough time to drink water, which I'll try and make a point of.
    Luckily it's not a bleeding ulcer, and I don't know if it's bacterial but I'm actually taking the aloe as a "cleanser", I considered a colonic but then you said it would be a shock to my body and now I'm trying the gentler approach first. And aloe is also supposed to be good for ulcers.
    So do you think the gel is ok? All the products that I've seen so far is a gel.

  4. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    And still nothing! Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it, I didn't know I needed that much water. Maybe that will make the aloe work.

  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Milk of Magnesia is good and may have other benefits like pain or other muscle aid relief. I use Senokot too, it's a natural herbal you can get in pharmas or even by rx.

    I love the gut healing, and everywhere healing benefits of aloe, but I've never found it to be much of a laxative for me. It is an irritant if I get diarrhea though.

  6. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Not having a BM for 6 days isn't anything abnormal for me, that is why I wanted to go for the colonic, you know what they say about desperate calls for desperate measures!
    I don't react well to laxatives, I'm supersensitive, I double over with stomach cramps and get horrible diarrea, even the natural ones.
    At the moment I'm taking 3 tablespoons of aloe juice a day, maybe I should add an extra spoon and with the extra water hope for the best.
    I'm already taking a probiotic, have been for the past 7 months.

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