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    Hi there. I just noticed that you seem to know a lot about a variety of things. I would love to know more about your knowledge on parasites and the best ways of eliminating them if you wouldn't mind sharing. And perhaps your thoughts on these dd that we all seem to share. Have you had parasites? What are your main problems and complaints? How long have you been ill?

    I hope you don't mind me asking.. You are just so helpful to so many I can't help wondering what you are battling.
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    Hello, I don't have internet so if it takes me a few days to reply that's usually why.

    I will check out your posts. I hope I can find em since it's been a few days since you posted. I only have a lil while online today.

    I think you are right. Do you feel better since you've started doing the things you mentioned? How long has it been since you started your regimine?

    I'm doing a procedure by the koyfman clinic. I drink this herbal stuff that cleanses the digestive system, small intestines, liver, thyroid.......etc They have had a lot of good results with many of their patients. It's pretty extreme in teh diet you follow. I've managed to eat organic for the past 3 weeks or so now. I figure if all this money is being spent on the procedure I will do my best to do everything right. Though I have eaten a few things I shouldn't have.

    I think the procedure caused me to herx pretty bad with the release of so many toxins. I've had a good couple of days which maybe from the effects of having had cleanses. I started probiotics this past week. You never know how many good days you'll have, or what to attribute the good days to. YOu're just thankful for each one you get:)

    Ok, i"m going to see if I can find your posts. Thanks for your input :) I might have to try some of the green stuff you mentioned. There is one that has "a lot" of probiotics in it not to mention all the other good benefits they come with.

    what do you think has helped you the most with your energy and brain function?