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    I haven't been online for awhile and wanted your opinion.j

    I have an alternative dr. that is treating me for my fibro

    However, I don't think she is treating my thyroid aggressively enough. I take 15mg twice daily. I am a little better but my basal tempurature is 95.7 degrees. It is always low. I also have Hypothalmus and pituitary malfunction and adrenal insufficiency. I do take cortef which is under control and is now at the right levels.

    I take bioidentical hormones, but I still can't seem to lose weight and fight depression and being tired.

    I have noticed since I have been taking Mannatechs (Ambrostose) that I have more energy, but that all, although I feel blessed for having the energy.

    Does upping my Armour Thyroid too harsh it would only be 45 mg per day (TID).

    Please let me know what you think

    Nancy Leer

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