Stovetop Update please on Valcyte

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by foxglove9922, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    Hi Stovetop,

    I was following your posts closely especially the one about your experience with Valcyte. From what I can remember, it was inadvertently deleted.

    Since I am going to begin the Valcyte in a couple of days, I was wondering if you'd mind sharing your experience one more time.

    I think you said you were doing much better after being on Valcyte for 10 months. Did you experience much of "herx" reaction during any of this time period? At what point did you notice you symptoms were getting better?

    Thank you ever so kindly for any information you could provide.

  2. ravenpaige

    ravenpaige New Member

    So glad you're reporting some improvement, if not complete. Please keep us informed.

    And I understand your concerns about others getting doctors to prescribe without sufficient checks in place. Nevertheless, I've done a lot of research now, and I have a really good feeling for those who fit the critereon. So good luck. Best wishes for much better health.
  3. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    Stovetop - you've been a wealth of information and I appreciate everything you've provided. I'm working with a very competent physician so have no worries about my labs, etc. She will be monitoring every week.

    My biggest concern is the "HERX". I imagined it would be intense as I've herxed on milder AVs and ABs before. Just want to have my ducks lined up.

    Thank you ever so kindly for all that you do here.


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