strage symptom ,anyone else?

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  1. This is a wierd one,but I am having problems with panties when I sleep.They leave marks and hurt.This isn't all the time,just sometimes.I know that it must be the illness because all of them are the same cotton ones.SO why would it leave marks only sometimes? Ruthie I hope this makes it through mioderators LOL Ruthie
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    I do not know if our post will survive, but I just wanted yuo to know as my FM has progressed, little things that didn't bother me before, sure DO NOW!

    I can't stand wrinkles in my sheets when I sleep either, they hurt.

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    Just be free.
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    go commando sister!!!!

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    then there's the problem of the wrinkles from the nightgown/pj's, the sheets, the blankets, the pillowcase...

    Where does it end? LOL

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  6. Thanks for replys, Of course I figured out what to do LOL but why is it only happening sometime.Maybe circulation when you are sick?
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    I also wear nothing to bed I have great problems with wrinkles in the sheets feels like a lump of wood unber me
  8. i have the pantie problem too,but ive found out why.

    i woke up one night and found myself scratching my lady region.a fibro flare must have decided to start up while i was sleeping,and then when i was woken up in the very early hours of the morning,my body was over heated,and id found myself scratching.

    this has woken me up often in the early hours,so i now cover myself up in bed with just one thin cotton sheet,to make sure my body is kept cool.the scratching has decreased alot,or should i say im not now woken up with it,and dont have the pantie problem now.

    kind regards