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  1. Solstice

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    I'm wondering if any of you might have a similar problem, or might know what this could be and possibly how to treat it.

    For about a year and a half I have had a "rash" on the bottom of my foot.....just one foot. It cycles from little tiny blisters to then peel and then it starts all over again. At times it gets very red. When it first started, I thought it was a fungus and treated it as such. It did no good. At one point it became infected and I could not bear to walk on it. I have lost about 5 layers of skin, so it is very tender to walk on and at times I have had to use a cane or a wheel chair to get around (in the city) I went to two different foot doctors, and have asked two of my regular doctors. Out of all of them, only one thinks she knows what it is. She said she thinks it is dyshydrotic eczyma (SP?). I have taken antibiotics, antifungals, cortizone creams, and soaks. Everything helps somewhat but nothing is clearing it up. A friend of mine who has CFIDS said she thinks it is a symptom of an autoimmune problem. Anyone ever hear of something like this? Or have any ideas? Thanks!!
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    Hi Soltice,
    I have the same problem on both feet and I am so glad you bought it up cos I thought it was just me!
    I find by the end of the day my feet 'stick' to my panty hose and shoes and they seem to leave a delightful brownish gunk behind....what an attractive picture.
    I have not tried steroids as I already have to use (tiny) amounts on my hands, for ezcema and I am sure it is not good for us.
    I have tried exfoliating the big 'top' blister and underneath, there are loads of little white tiny pin head blisters. I don't think it's exzema cos it's not itchy.
    I also have fungal infection of my toenails (there was a recent thread on this) so I just assumed it was part of that.
    I also have a raised blueish/purplish rash on the side of my ankle, which was initially very itchy but is just unsightly now.
    Ho hum..............we're falling to bits dear LOL
    Mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Solstice

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    Have you asked a doc what it could be? Any medication that worked?
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    Hi...I get a strange rash one one leg. It starts out slowly and then is very raised and red. It itches like mad as well. I think I read somewhere that this comes with Fibro sometimes. I used to use an antibiotic cream on it, but I haven't bothered this time.
    It will go away...come back...repeat, and then it's disappears for months only to return again in the same two spots.
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  6. 1maqt

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    The rash I get on my feet I have had since I was 17 yrs old
    and it started on the part of my foot called the arch. It was very sore, and drained clear liquid. When that cicle was over, it then dried up and pealed. I am almost 60 now, and it gets really bad all around my heels, toe ends, and I have no answer either. Sometimes they are very sore, and one can't wear shoes. I have had a doctor tell me it is
    psoriaisis(sp?) Sometisme I can't walk on my feet because they hurt so badly.I will be glad to know exactly what it is.Once I was told I was alergic to the glu in shoes. Smells like snake oil to me. I also get this on my elbows too. Hoope someone knows the answer. ~1maqt~ `
  7. goingslowlycrazy

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    Sorry to have taken a while to reply Soltice...
    Doc thought it was ezxema (one day I'll learn to spell that darned word LOL) and gave me steroid cream for it which I confess I havn't used.
    a) I don't agree that it is that word I can't spell...hehehe...cos I get it badly on my hands so I know what it looks like and feels like and the foot thing isn't the same.
    b) I am very wary of using steroids any more than I absolutely have to.
    I just keep it clean and try and keep it dry and exfoliate it with a handful of sea salt when I'm in the bath.
    I guess I've just learnt to live with most of the other symptoms of this DD and I too have read somewhere that 'odd' rashes are part of this delightful infliction.
    Seems to go with the territory - always something 'odd'
    Mary xx
  8. patchwork

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    I.m (was!) a podiatrist and so it's a shame you can't send me your foot in the post so I could take a look at it! Without seeing it's almost impossible to tell. However if it is a fungal infection it's really easy for your Dr. to tell just by scraping off a few cells and looking at it under a microscope..
    Also if it is fungal it's really difficult to get rid of for good especially with this DD.... I find Tea tree oil works just as well as all the creams and tablets e.t.c. There are Tea Tree oil creams especially for this but first you might want to buy some Tea Tree essential oil and dab a LITTLE on - don't do that too often though...Strong stuff...
    If it turns out to be fungal and it's unbearable you might consider a course of something like Lamisil (from your Dr.) It depends on your philosophy and it wouldn't be my first choice.....Anyway I wish you luck, keep on pestering your Dr.s for an answer!
    Love Patchwork
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    Just wanted to say that my daughter came down with a rash on her feet in college and so we thought immediately it was fungal. After testing though, it was not fungal -she has psorisis (sp?). She has to keep feet clean, and moisturized with non perfumed lotion. Also, any shoes that make her feet sweat make it worse. Dont know if this could be your problem or not but try out that cream for ezcema.

  10. Solstice

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    All this and no doctor bill!! I've learned way more than asking several doctors about this.
    Thank you all. I am going to try the things you have suggested.
    And it is helpful to know that this probably is related to the DD, as many of you have it too. The list seem to keep growing doesn't it?
    Patchwork, thanks for the ideas too. I really don't think it is fungal, as the docs I saw said it wasn't, and it doesn't respond to fungal things. I did the whole nine yards for that. If you have further ideas, any of you please let me know. Thanks again!!