strange "dizziness" feeling

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aquaria, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. aquaria

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    Has anyone experienced this. It just began to happen when I arrived in Europe from CA (long flight). An overtaking feeling of loosing consciousness from the back of my feet to the head. Happened again when driving over a bridge that has overhead repetitious supports that seemed to disorient me so that I was quite afraid that I would loose consciousness again. It happened a third time, but not so severely. Each time I willfully held on to my consciousness, but felt rather taken aback by it. I avoid driving across the bridge now.

    I have had the symptoms of CFS and Fibro for many years and have made great headway in treating it. But this is somewhat scarey and do not like it. They say in the Mayo Clinic site that the disease is about to be classified as a brain problem.....
  2. CockatooMom

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    Have you been check for Lyme disease?

    I have had the same sort of problems since 1999.
    Doc's just tell me it's vertigo.

    It's getting worse though. I am now getting carsick when I DRIVE. And I usually drive so I don't get sick.

    I'm going to see my new doc on Tues.

    Good luck!

    PS...I walk into walls on a daily basis! :)[This Message was Edited on 06/25/2006]
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    i have had this symptom. a few years back when my CFIDS was worse, i had visual distortions that made me nauseous, and i felt light-headed and dizzy and off-balance quite a bit. this phase passed after some time (months).

    i am recently improving all my cfids symptoms, but maybe when i overdo, i get a bit of lightheadedness. i noticed it yesterday. it seems with me to be related to movement of eyes. goes right into my brain and i get feeling a bit dizzy (not nearly as much as a few years ago when i'd have to lie down and close my eyes because of feeling sick from it). good luck- sascha
  4. Barbie56

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    I's funny because I was just talking about this same thing
    to my friend today. She has FM and gets the exact thing
    that you said. She said that it feels as if she is going
    to black out and faint. I have alot of the same thing,
    and it gets real bad if I am stressed out alot. I was really bad this morning , just felt like I could hardly
    stand and I feel like my balance was off and I was going
    to faint or black out . It is a bad feeling and I have
    suffered from that all my adult life and it seems to have
    just got worst in the last year. I am luckly to have a good day anymore. I just lay down and try to relax and hope it goes away for a little while. I don't know why we
    get it but it must have to do with this terrible illness we have. Hope you are feeling better...Barb
  5. mrdad

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    I have CfS rather than FM but exhibit much the same sympt

    -oms? I feel as if I'm going to bumpin to peo. coming

    toward me on the sidewalk. It's definately worse if

    Extremely fatigue and/or have "brane Frog"!! I'm sure

    alot of folks "on board" have similar problem.

    The Best to you,
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  6. Cromwell

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    dizziness and a strange one too, are ongoing for many of us. Strange thing today and yesterday. I found some Nasalcrom and thought well gee I recall my dizziness was not so bad when I used this. It was still "in date" so I used it this past two days. BINGO MUCH reduced dizziness. Cannot believe it, after suffering over a year.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  7. rachel432

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    i get a wierd dizziness/lightheadedness feeling as part of an aura befor a seizure along with a few other strange symptoms. i haven't had a full blown seizure in awhile but i still get the auras and lose track of time every now and again even on meds. if that feeling keeps happening to you i would go see a nuerologist just to be safe, but if it doesn't happen again then don't stress over it.
    i hope this helps.