Strange leg sensations

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dozzer, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Dozzer

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    I have noticed two things over that past few months that I have been trying to ignore but now they're getting to be best of me. 1) do you ever feel like you have water dripping down either leg and there's nothing there? 2) do your calves ever hurt so much that they feel like they're being squeezed whether you are using them or not? Maybe I'm just going a little crazy but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. thanks. Dozzer
  2. cara

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    You're not going crazy!

    I get like a crawling sensation in my legs. I can't keep them still and need to keep moving them about. Its usually when I am tired. My feet and legs also get really cold and go white as well as my hands.

    Re: Your calves. I used to get that also, it is muscle spasm. The best thing to do is take Magnesium. It really does help but takes a few months to work. I take Magnesium OK one tablet a day.

    Hope this helps.

    love and light


  3. Echos

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    I have the same sensation of cold water trickling down my extremities. I've gotten so use to it now yet I still check to see if anything is there. I had this same discussion with quite a few people the other day. All have the same strange sensation. I also have very bad pain in my legs, but mine feels within the marrow of the bone. Like a round file is being ran up and down the inside of the bone, drilling and filing away. It is oh so painful. So if your crazy, then join the crowd.

  4. fallingapart

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    You are not alone there. there seem to be alot of us who get these sensations, and the tightness in your muscles even though you did nothing to cause it....just apart of this DD i guess!!
  5. pam_d

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    I am a veteran of these very bizarre, skin sensations, where it feels like water's dripping, or ants crawling, or a strange "buzzing" effect on or below the skin surface. I get these things in various places, not just the legs. I also get the squeezing/pressure feeling but not in my calves, I get that in my toes & fingers. These feelings are very odd, but I don't think uncommon in FM, judging from the amount of people who report them. Another manifestation of a nervous system gone awry, I guess----my first symptoms of FM were neurological (tingling, muscle twitching, skin sensations) long before any real pain set in. Feels like there's a "short" in my nervous system's ability to function normally. You are not alone, you have a lot of company in this. My symptoms usually come & go, though, you may find that yours do, too. Hope you feel better!