Strange muscle spasm I believe

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tammis, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. tammis

    tammis New Member

    Every now and then I get this what i believe is a muscle spasm but very strange indeed,If I bend over when sitting sometimes,I feel this tight muscle sensation under breastbone and it buldges out,Like if I went to touch it which i wont cause it freaks me out,I would feel this big buldge just under my skin stretching out,It goes down pretty quickly but then the area is sore for about a day,Please tell me someone out there gets this too.Very wierd,It does hurt when it happens.
  2. tammis

    tammis New Member

    Yes I am on Lexapro,I have gained weight!I also get these dizzy sensations,dont know if its from that or sinuses did you get that?A strange feeling in head,Icanlay in bed at night,and feel that weirdness in my head.I wasnt thinking of med.causeing this muscle spasms..Thanks for your advice,I do see a couple weeks.
  3. tammis

    tammis New Member

    Yes Im a smoker ,I know this isnt good,Didnt know the thing about oxygen in lungs,Thats scary!!

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