Strange Neurological Problems

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monica33flowers, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. monica33flowers

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    I'm wondering if any of you have had these same issues. I am going to see a neurologist in December. I'm desperately trying to figure out what is happening to me.

    It all started in August. I became really sick and extremely dehydrated. I was constantly throwing up and diarrhea were the worst of symptoms. I also had these strange occurances where I would get extremely hot and my body was itching but no rash or hives. The dr.'s never found out what caused this problem and they decided it was some sort of viral infection.

    Then in October all of a sudden I had problems walking, talking, fainting and very disoriented. We went into the ER and the dr. did a cat scan to make sure I didn't have a stroke or aneursym. Everything was fine but she did put in her notes that she thought I was over medicated (whatever).

    I have seen an internal med. dr., psychiatrist and psychologist and they all tell me that it was not a medication problem since no meds had been switched. The psychiatrist did tell me to take my lorazepam 3 times a day instead of when needed to see if that would help my anxiety. Still no help. Then I went in to see my dr. for a med. check and they found my pulse was racing and my blood pressure was very low. They sent me in right away for an EKG which was normal. I have also had an echo cardiogram and a halter monitor to see if their were problems with my heart. Everything was good.

    When I had these strange symptoms I would lie back down in bed and sleep a little bit and then the symptoms were gone. I had three of these strange symptoms 3 more times in the following 2 weeks.

    Then they disappeared and I have been feeling so much better everyday. But last night I had another episode. I've called my dr. each time to document these problems.

    Right now I'm terrified about what is happening.
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    Except for the nausea and diarrhea, I've had all the rest. The first time was like, itchy all over, feeling like I was going to pass out, and dizzy.

    Now it's the racing heart and feeling of 'dread or fear'. If that's what you have, it's probably a panic attack, which is somewhat different from an anxiety attack. It's more sudden and more severe. Xanax will help me within 10 minutes, and once I (my doc) figured out that's what was going on, it seems to happen less frequently. Mine is now more associated with social phobia.

    It may be something else, but sounds like what I go through. Hope you get better! Jole
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    Wow. I can sure understand why you'd feel terrified. These are some scary symptoms. I'm glad you had a halter and echo done, so it's not your heart. Or at least it sounds like it's not. And if your electrolytes were messed up due to the vomiting and diarrhea that would of been discovered in the ER and treated it. I'm sure they asked you if you traveled, and were perhaps exposed to any weird viruses.

    I'm also glad your CT scan was normal. And they didn't see signs of a stroke or blood vessel abnormality. I'm going to assume they ruled out Multiple Sclerosis.

    I'm not sure what it could be, but I believe you. They could of drawn a blood level on you to see if you were toxic from the lorazepam.

    I hope the neurologist you see is a good one, and gives you a *simple* answer with an easy solution.

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