Strange new symptom for me, any input???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, May 17, 2003.

  1. JaciBart

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    I have lately been having these "ocular migraines" or so I think that is what they are, what is happening to me is that after any sugar at all, like just the small amount in a heaslthy type of oat cereal, I get instant reactions from my eyes. My pupils constrict, I get very light sensitive, etc. It happnes to me several times a day now, a few sips of a soda pop will do it, I have been having severe excrucuating migraines the last several days, usually goes in spurts for me, I have had a hysterrectomy a long time ago and I think that the migraines are cyclical monthly but the eye thing is bothering me. I used to drink 2-3 cokes a day, even just a few weeks ago I was doing the soda pop thing, stopped that because I figured it was making me feel bloated & fatter so I have been just been drinking lots of water, I put splenda in my coffee in the am, 2-3 cups of coffee each am and I am wondering if this whole sugar reaction thing could be a diabetic symptom????

    I have never been diabetic (yet) but I just am starting to wonder.

    Any thoughts on this one..........Mikie or anyone????

    I see Madwolf on Monday and I will bring it up to him but wanted to ask you all too.

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    The severe migraines are probably due to giving up Coke suddenly. It's caffeine withdrawal. You have to quit gradually. The eye thing could be a part of the migraines. What is Splenda? Is it an artificial sweetener? If it is, those are notorious for causing migraines.
  3. Mikie

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    Also, Splenda contains chlorine and you may be allergic to it. Chlorine is not good for us. Skip the Splenda and see what happens.

    BTW, migraines respond to cooling the head and warming the hands. Hold your hands under warm water, dip them into a paraffin bath, or wrap them in a heating pad and put ice on your head. Go lie down in a dark, quiet room and rest. You can also hold your hands over the slots of a toaster to warm them. Some people use biofeedback to envision holding their hands over a warming fire and it is enough to stop the headaches. The theory is that if you can draw the blood supply to the hands and away from the blood vessels in the head, the headache will respond. Has always worked for me.

    I also take a couple of whiffs of decongestant nasal spray and Excedrin. This comfination seems to work well for me. Come opiods only exacerbate headaches. OTC stuff works better unless it's and Rx specifically for migraines.

    Love, Mikie