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  1. Mare-T

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    Does anyone have a problem with wearing certain clothes? Perhaps something that restricts arm movement a bit makes the shoulders hurt? Or, their skin has become sensitive to certain fabrics? Even seams of sweaters/blouses are irritating. I was just diagnosed a moth ago, but believe I have had this for many years...maybe even into my childhood (possible?). I thought I was just a picky dresser-- drove my mom nuts--but there are certain things I cannot wear...I change my clothes at least 3 times until it feels right. Crazy or the syndrome?

  2. karen55

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    I can't wear anything with wool now, it really bothers me. I used to love wearing silk blouses, now I just cannot stand the way silk feels against my skin. This has just happened to me in the last 8 years or so. Almost every item of clothing I own now is 100% cotton or close to it. Another thing that really irritates me now is the tags in panties. I have to cut them out.
  3. sb439

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    when I am worse, I can't wear anything heavy, e.g. a coat or a heavy woolen pullover or a jacket, it hurts. When I'm very bad, I can't even wear a slim golden necklace. I think this is FM related.
    But there are other possibilities: you may be allergic to (i) certain fabrics (a friend of mine with CFIDS is allergic to polyester), (ii) you may be allergic to certain chemicals used when producing/finishing the fabric, (iii) you may be allergic to some washing powder or fabric softener or bleach you use (I'm allergic to standard fabric softeners, the make me itch all over).
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    I can't wear anything form fitting in pants. It is too painful on my back and hips and actually makes it so i can barely walk. leg goes weak. I believe they call it allgonia or something like that.
    Sucks to be us sometimes ha.
    and one more thing, nothing strange about your question okay:)
    Take care,
  5. Bellesmom

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    I cannot even dress anymore. And, believe me, it's not a pretty sight at my age.

    I started having major trouble with whole right side, especially hip to toe about 5 to 6 years ago and it was very painful for me to even sit when I was working.

    I now cannot wear most clothes even for limited time without suffering terribly. I have put this on all my disability forms but no one ever notices because I have to dress to go to doctor, store, etc. I only leave the house at most 3 times a month because of this pain and it is not easy for me to travel anymore.

    It is mostly because of my leg but I only have one old, old pair of pants that are threadbare that I can tolerate even for an hour or two. I cannot afford to go out and guy anything at present but have never found anything other than just nightgown and robe that I can tolerate. I do try to get dressed occasionally just to "try it out" and I always nearly cry with the pain. I thought this was something that only I had experienced.

    Thank you, thank you for bringing this up!!! I cannot believe I finally found someone who knows what I'm going thru.


    P.S. I cannot wear underwear at all - it feels like I'm being killed.[This Message was Edited on 02/15/2003]
  6. Mare-T

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    Thank you all for responding. I'm glad but sad to know I'm not the only one feeling like this. I remember being in Marching Band 20 years ago and the uniforms felt like they were going to break my shoulders. In one chat session I remember someone saying that it hurts to wear bras...I'm getting there...I don't have much to put in one, but modesty prevents me from going without. I don't know why I have a hard time telling myself I really have may had this in high school, even early childhood---if my mom were alive she could support my problem with dressing, and now my husband laughs at me..not in a mean way. I have to wake up at least an hour earlier than usual to dress for work, I thought it was I had too many clothes to choose from now it is purely if I can stand to wear it all day. My lower half, legs, back, hips hurt, but they aren't really affected by wearing pants too much unless they are tighter than usual, it is the upper half, shoulders,arms and neck...I wear turtlenecks but there are the few kind I cannot STAND to wear. I have always been too sensitive to seams. That is the worst, if I try something on that is horrible feeling right away it takes me a few hours to just recover!! We should try to get a clothing line together that is professional looking yet comfortable for us!!
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  7. BethM

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    I cannot wear synthetic fabrics at all, except poyester blended with mostly cotton. Rayon, 100% polyester, acrylic, etc, make me feel hot, and my skin turns red. Acrylic makes me stink. I can wear a rayon skirt, but not in a blouse. Can't stand anything snug around my neck at all. Sigh. Makes shopping difficult, all the nice clothes are synthetics. My niece is getting married next January, may take me til then to find something fancy enough to wear! Oh.. I can wear lycra, oddly enough, so all my jeans now have lycra in them. Much easier to wear than all cotton. I cut tags out of clothes too. I remember a line from Devyn Starlanyl's book, about cutting out tags before they cut you.

    And don't get me started on finding shoes that look nice but don't destroy my back and legs...

    I recently found a clothing company called Weekender's, cotton blend clothing that is soft and very easy to wear. They have some rayon stuff, but I won't buy it, can't wear it. (Of course, that is the stuff I like best, oh well!)Classic styles, rich colors. They're not in stores, but try the net. My email addy is in my profile, I can put you in touch with the women I buy from, and they can probably find you someone in your area. (No, I'm not a distributor for them, just think they're quality clothing!)

    I have a friend who doesn't have FMS, but she can't stand the feeling of seams in clothing, so she wears things inside out! Brave woman!

    It's good to know I'm in good company.