strange rash on my face

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    Dear All,
    I'm back to ask about a strange rash I have on 1/2 of my face. In all the years I've had
    CF/FM (30 plus.) I've never had this. It consists of a low rash, with an occassional
    large pimple as part of it. It itches some. There are also webs of fine red lines after the rash
    in one area has cleared up. It is slowly spreading all over my face! I've changed my diet,
    and tried various creams, all without success. Does anyone have any idea of what it may be,
    or what I can try?
    I've heard tht stress might have been a factor. I've had 4 deaths of those close to me
    in the last 3 months, and now my assistance dog has cancer. One of those who died was
    my best friend, a kindred spirit, and I'm having a particularly hard time recovering from that.
    Could stress cause all this? If so, why doesn't it go away when I feel better? I would be
    very grateful for any ideas that anyone might have.

    God bless you all,

    Terry[This Message was Edited on 01/31/2009]
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    I recently developed a red rash on 1/2 of my face too however in my case I think it's because it's the side I sleep on and I sweat like mad when I sleep. I get this rash on other parts of my body too from sweat.
    Also, my head is so hot that I have to sleep on cold wet washcloths over my pillow, and I think the dampness is allowing something like bacteria thrive. I've been using Gold Bond Medicated Lotion and that helps some.

    Sorry about the loss of your dog.

  3. 28years

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    So sorry to hear of your many losses.

    Grief causes many physical reactions. Among them are:

    weakened immune system
    achy, stiff muscles
    changes in appetite
    changes in sleep
    fatigue, exhaustion
    intestinal problems
    pounding heart

    When I lost my husband 2 and 1/2 years ago, my hair fell out in big clumps for almost 9 months.

    The above list I got from my grief consular. Many areas have community hospices that offer free grief consuling to anyone who has suffered a loss. My grief conlsular came to my house (I'm housebound) every week for a year. All for free. The grief therapy was very helpful.

    Sorry about your losses.

    Be gentle with yourself.
  4. wendysj

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    Hi Terry.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss... It must be overwhelming for you. I don't want to worry you but I didn't want it to go unmentioned... Lupus has the butterfly rash across your nose. I just wanted to make sure you are aware of that. Your doctor can test for Lupus in many ways but the ANA results will be high if you have it.

    I hope you start feeling better soon... Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.