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    Hi All.
    I had a new (i think) strange pain that woke me up last nite and want to know if anyone else has or has had it.
    First of all, when I lay on my shoulder or arms, they go numb--also hands--and tingly.
    Last nite I woke up with sharp pain in my shoulder, and it seemed to travel to my throat muscles and jaw. A jabbing pain was in my gland/tonsil? area, too. Hurt bad and scared me...thought I was having a stroke or heart attack or something. I sat up for a little and tried to take deep breaths--mostly to calm myself. It eventually subsided, but when I got up this morning my jaw still hurt some for a while.
    Has anyone else experienced this, and what in the world causes it??

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    I had/have the same pain every now and again. The first time I did think it was my heart. It was in my chest, very much in my jaw and tightness in neck area. After a few hours of trying to ignore it my secretary call 911 the enzymes that they check for a heart attack were indicitatve of a cardiac event. They put a nitro patch on me immed(boy what a headache/migraine) from the nitro. Next I had a heart cath. and it was clear from all blockage. They just called it angina. "heart pain" from what I don't know, I get it every now and again, my doc gave me nitro tabs(act as a muscle relaxant) but can't take becaues of headaches/migraine. So Antivan works. Please have it checked out!.. it may not be as simple as mine, I also think Ultram/Tramadol can cause some of the same symptoms. You don't mention your age, stress or what meds you are on. So just based on your symptoms please get it checked.

    As for the numbness from sleeping on your side, I get that a lot since FMS/CFIDS. That may not be so worrisome. But common(I think).

    Happy new year,and please don't ignore symptoms as such. Play it safe.....

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    I also have severe pain in my shoulders that radiates to my neck jaw and down my back. I also have numbness in both my arms while resting my head on my pillow at night. My orthopedic surgeon thinks that I have a herniated cervical disc (neck disc) pressing on the nerves to my arms. He also thinks that my spine might have arthritis in it that is pressing on my spinal cord. So far he has recommended physical therapy and Motrin.
    The pain has also been in my chest before and my heart and stomach (I thought maybe it was bad gastritis) were found to be normal except for a small hiatal hernia.
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    all for your comments and advice.
    I haven't had that experience again, thank goodness. I will get checked out.
    Another thing I hate about FM----when I have a new "event", I don't know whether to blame it on FM, or go to doctor to get it checked out. It's so frustrating.