Strange smell in the air?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fincher, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. fincher

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    I live in the Western Pennsylvania area, and yesterday was a miserable day weatherwise. It wasn't all that hot temperature-wise, but there was a hazy smog in the air, and it felt very oppressive. The strange thing was a terrible smell in the air. When I came out of my office at lunchtime, I noticed it, and I thought it was coming from one of our neighbors, who is known to emit nasty stuff sometimes. The surprise was that when I arrived home, five miles out of town, the smell was still there! It was very strong and smelled very bad. My husband had been outside most of the day, and he didn't even notice it! Also, I didn't hear anyone else comment on it, and nobody else I asked had noticed it. It was only outside, I didn't notice it inside, so it wasn't just in my head. I was just wondering whether anyone else in this area had experienced this yesterday?
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    I don't have the answer, but I do know that aromas can travel VERY long distances. We've had smoke smell that's traveled at least fifty miles. There are a couple of wood mills near where I live, and we get that all the time. (It travels with us in our cars and briefcases, etc. as well!) Ditto on yeast smell from a brewery about 25 miles away. It's possible, since you mention the hazy smog, that a system was keeping the smells near the ground, rather than dissipating like it would normally.
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    Hi, I too noticed strange smell in air and haze all day today. I live in South Jersey. My husband said it is the fires in Virginia or maybe West Virginia . He said it was on the news. Maybe thats what you are smelling too. How wierd that it could reach all this way. Take care. Peace,Susan
  4. fincher

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    I don't watch the news much and didn't know about that. The amazing thing to me was that nobody else seemed to notice it. I thought it was so strong!
  5. robin1667

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    I to have experinced this. I think some of us are more sensitive to smells.Also you could have had the odor on your clothes and hair from when you encountered it,and that may be why you still smelled it after going home.Did it go away after you showered?Could also be from this DD. Robin
  6. fincher

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    Actually, I only noticed the odor when I was outside. As soon as I was in my house or my office, I didn't notice it anymore. By evening, it also seemed to be gone outside. There was a strong wind that day, and I'm not sure which direction it was coming from. It didn't really seem to smell like smoke from forest fires, which I've noticed at times before, but maybe it was. It was a very strange day!
  7. fincher

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    A swamp fire would probably smell worse than a forest fire, and since I think the hot wind was coming from the south and east, that could really explain the smell for me. Thanks!
  8. maggiemae55

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    I'm in Va. Beach, and the smoke was terrible until last night. I work in a hospital and we could smell it in the hall too. Yuck!

    We need a good rain to put those fires out.

    Sometimes I smell weird things when no one else does, I think we are very sensitive to odors.

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    I smell everything, good and bad. I live in Florida and when I am around alot of men in a closed room(cash room at work) it makes me ill.(keep in mind these people are hygenic) My hubby smells great though. The worst is when a man comes in to our store with sandals on. I can smell feet a mile away. GROSS!!!! I can't deal with perfumes, air freshners either. Use unscented detergent as well. Can't even stand scented dish soap. I will pick up a plastic cup and smell it and it ruins my drink for me. There is a certain plant or maybe mold that I smell everyday at a certain spot on the highway on my way to work. It is horrible but I seem to be the only one to notice. Don't u wish this could be a super power? I can see it now "Fibro Woman with super smelling powers" fights to rid the world of stink! (when she can get out of bed) lol
  10. Asatrump

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    I live in the north within two miles of the airport. During winter the ?stuff they spray on the planes as de-icer flows into an outdoor pond. Depending on how much liquid is in that pond, the temp, the humidity, there is a smell vaguely resembling rotting onions. This only happens in hot weather.

    The news media solved this odor, but the airport has not figured out a solution.

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    Thanks !

    Humor IS the best medicine !

    I love the prayer in your profile !

    Blessings ,


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