Strange Symptom in my foot...please help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Staceymarie, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Staceymarie

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    I have had the absolute strangest symptom ever and would like to know if ANYONE else has ever experienced this problem. One night, I was sitting on the couch and when I went to get up, I had this warm sensation in my foot. It literally felt like someone has cut open my foot and poured warm water in it. It was like a gushing sensation, meaning it didn't last but like 2 seconds. The first time it happened, I just put it out of my mind, but for like the next 3-4 weeks, it kept happening atleast once every 2-3 days in the same exact spot. It's not happened anymore in the past few weeks. It's not a pain, just a weird, warm sensation. My doc didn't really have an explanation for this and probably thought I was crazy. If it had only happened once, Okay....but more than once or twice freaks me out. Has anyone ever had this any where on their body and if so..what is it?? Thanks!!
  2. Susan07

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    I have a place in my lower right leg on the inside that has the same type of sensation. I haven't even mentioned it to the doctor yet.

    I'm curious too if anyone knows what is happening.
  3. Staceymarie

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    to know you guys have had this makes me feel a little better. I definately have other symptoms that are much worse that I need to worry about. This was just really strange and I wanted to see if anyone else had ever had this. You are right when you say it feels like something warm, like blood, is on your skin because I was constantly wiping this area with my hand because I thought something was on me. Thankd guys!