Strange symptoms - here's mine!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bonwar, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. bonwar

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    This will sound weird, but if anyone is going to understand it's going to be you guys, right?

    You know that feeling when you drink a carbonated beverage and the bubbles get up your nose, or you drink too fast and it feels uncomfortable....well, when I'm in a FM "flare" I often get this gross feeling as if my insides are - for lack of a better word - carbonated. Yes, it feels like irritating little bubbles are popping and burning away inside my face, my neck, my chest - everywhere inside. I usually describe to outsiders (non FM people - hee hee!) as "feeling sick" because that's the closest thing I can think of.

    Anyway, it would be nice to know I am not a COMPLETE oddball...

  2. pam_d

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    While I have not had this exact symptom, I can certainly relate to having very odd neurological symptoms that are almost impossible to explain to friends & family----let alone to doctors! I have tingling, the feeling that bugs are crawling on various parts of my body, strange facial sensations, muscles that visably twitch-----if I said I was in pain, at least other people can relate to "pain". These things are much harder for others to understand. And to me, some of the worst things to deal with----I bear up under the "pain" part of FM much easier than I tolerate the strange sensations.

    You are not an oddball, I think a lot of us suffer from some pretty strange symptoms. Thank God for this board where we can share them & not feel so alone!

  3. Katlover

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    I call them "the spiders" because it feels like spiders crawling all on the inside of my back, shoulders, neck, arms. Mostly on the neck, shoulders and back. Didn't really happen until I had shoulder surgery. I think the doc put some spiders inside me while he had my shoulder opened up!!!!!!
  4. imalive

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    I get a bubly fealing on my face. like the skin is boiling only its cold and not like chills but that same feeling when a soda bubles up your nose but on the inside just under the skin when I touch my face at that time my face feals numb like I cant feal my own touch I get it alot just behind the ears kind of over the jaw

    the buggy fealing is weard cause I cant even scratch the itch its on the inside as with the bubly only the bubly is in one spot were the buggy crawly is actually like bugs it moves and scrathing the service of the skin does not help

    that sound like the same?