Strange unknown sleeping disorder

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    Hi everyone
    i come to you today to ask about a disorder that i seem to have but cant find any answers for. This is the jist of it. Around 6/10 times that i fall asleep my perception of time is royally screwed up. Rather than a dream lasting it's typical time of 10 mins it feels like the dream has lasted anywhere between a day, week, month ,or sometimes on rarer occasions , a year. This can be extremely irritating and depressing and even more so on dreamless nights because it feels like i have been floating in a void of nothingness for so long. I am unable to wake myself up at these times (which i assume is hard in the first place anyway). When i wake up i find that its only been a nights worth of sleep or a 5 minute nap in class. If anyone has any ideas on what this could be please let me know.
    Also an unrelated issue that isn't particularly bad (as far as i know) is that i can halucinate what i see in my imagination if i know the object well enough. This occurs usually. (no substances are involved what so ever)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated