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    Would someone please help me? if you can.
    A bit about me: I have Fibro, CFS, OA, and now ADHD, aside from being a real wako at
    Approximately a year ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD right after my daughter was, and recently my doctor suggested I go on Strattera, Well of course not before I slowly wean my self off Effexor, which I am almost there.

    I am on the regular meds, such as B12 injections/Topomax/Neurontin/Trazodone at night for depression, pain, and sleep, Arthrotec for the OA, and not to mention numerous vitamins as well.

    The question is, does anyone here have experience with this drug, as if I must say so myself I am extremely tired, extremely disorganized and all the other crapola we deal with with ADHD, not to mention Fibro, CFS, and OA. At times I think "one" of the reasons I am so tired, is because I spend so much darn time trying to keep things in place, or not loose them.
    I am praying and really praying that this might help me, ridiculously as it may sound but I am a constant closet organizer, lol. I do my utmost to keep this a secret, because of my embarrasement.
    Anyway ....if anyone here has some experience with this drug or any type of ADHD medication would you be so kind as to help me with it.
    Thank-you so kindly

  2. gapsych

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    I have taught and worked with students with ADHD for around 25 years. Straterra can be very helpful. However different ADHD meds. effect people differently and it may take time to get the right one at the right dosage.

    However, I would recommend a specialist such as a psychiatrist as they are also psychopharmacologists and really know the ins and outs of these type of medications. It can be well worth it.

    If you do get an assessment/evaluation by a psychiatrist make sure you ask for this as these appointments include more time with the doctor.

    What does your daughter take and how is she doing with the medication?

    ADHD medications are often recommended for the tiredness associated with FM/CFS.

    Good luck and let us know how things go for you.


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  3. isiselixir

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    I take ritalin and provigil daily to help prevent sleeping all day, not for ADHD. I can't say how they work for ADHD but they have helped me keep my eyes open that's for sure. 10 mgs ritalin, 100 mgs provigil. Good luck to you.

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