Strep you always run temp with it?

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    Hey friends-

    I have been feeling poorly these past few days--
    achy--tired--headachy with a nauseous stomach.
    Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and looked
    inside and saw white patchy blistery ulcery looking
    things on my tonsils. I don't believe I have had
    any fever to speak of.

    Do you have to have fever for strep throat?
    DO the white patches mean I have strep for sure?

    Just checking before I make a doc's appt as my ins
    stinks and I don't want to pay for a "false call".


    P.S. I am an adult and I thought you got strep in
    the winter???
  2. LPN_11

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    No, you do not always run a temp. with strep throat, your doc should run a quick strep test, and also a three day as sometimes the quick strep comes back pos. when really you are not.
    Even so, you say you have white patches in the throat, this indicates some type of problem related to your throat and just to be safe, I would reccommend you make an appt. and go. If Doc gives antibiotics, I remind you take them all until gone, not just until you feel better.
    LPN_11 :)
  3. Debbie6041

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    I'm not a doctor so I would never presume to know weather you can take Goldenseal Root with what ever meds you may be taking. That you will need to discuss with a doctor.

    Now I will tell you what has worked wounderfully for me and my family.

    I personally am not suseptable to Strep I can only remember having it once as a kid. But my family and I are quite suseptable to any nose throat virus that comes around.

    NOTE: Everything I have read on it depending on the source says: DO NOT TAKE FOR MORE THAN 2 OR 3 WEEKS STREIGHT. You need to take a break from it for 1 or 2 weeks afterward. (Depending on source.)

    I have always taken it like an antibiotic. I only take it until I know I have knocked sinus/throat bug/infection then I quit. Usually 5 to 7 days. If I get real sick it may take 2 weeks.

    When we first start feeling a cold or virus comming on we take appox. 600 mg (depends on the brand I have at the time) 4 times a day. Usually you can nip it in the bud within 2-4 days if you catch it early enough.

    If a bug slips up on me when I don't have any Goldenseal with me. (This rarely happens.)
    If I get full blown sick before I can start taking the Goldenseal Root I usually take about 1000-1200 mg to 4 times a day, that is what it takes for me to get rid of the virus.

    I use this to ward off sinus infections as well. I use to get them 3 to 6 times every winter and have to take antibiotics. Now I use the Goldenseal root, and nip it in the bud. I am not going to tell you this is cheap because it is not. (Some times you can do all right on ebay.) But it doesn't cost more than most antibiotics, it boost the immune system so it is better for you & and you don't have to pay the doctor's bill on top of it.

    I haven't been to the doctor for a nose/throat virus, cold or infection in the last 4 years since I found out about this wounderful herb.

    Do a little reading on it and see if it is something you want to try, if you are taking any meds you may want to talk to a doctor about it.

    I hope this will help you.


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  4. Debbie6041

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    I am going to quote a little info from the book
    "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" Second Edition

    Page 71

    Goldenseal acts as an antibiotic, cleanses the body has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, increases the effectiveness of insulin, and stregthens the immune system. Promotes functioning capacity of colon, liver, pancreas, spleen, and lumphatic and respiratory systems. Cleanses mucous membranes, counters infection, improves digestion and regulates menses. Also decreases uterine bleeding reduces blood pressure and stimulates the central nervous system. Good for inflammation, ulcers, and any infectious disease, as well as for disorders affecting the bladder, prostate, stomach, or vagina. Used at the first sign of possible symptoms it can stop a cold, flu or sore throat from developing.

    Caution: Should not be used for prolonged periods or during pregnacy. Should be used under supervision by those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes or glaucoma.